College Survival Guide: Traveling during break

By Kelly Bush
January 2, 2018

College Survival Guide

Winter break has officially started and many of you are going on vacations or may even travel far to go home.

Whatever you do, there are certain things you need to know while traveling, especially when traveling alone.

I am an out of state student, therefore I travel back and forth every few months. I am usually alone and there are some things I learned that are very useful to keep in mind.

Check in early

Remember to check in 24 hours in advance.

Checking in late may have you sitting in between two people you do not know or just somewhere uncomfortable.

Do not over pack

When traveling alone, never over pack.

Pack the essentials while still trying to travel light. Photo from Pixabay.

If you over pack and your bag exceeds the weight limit, there is the possibility that your airline might try to get you to pay a fee. Without someone else there to give some of your stuff to, you will be forced to pay that fee.

If you are worried you might have overpacked, bring an extra bag so you are not out of luck and can avoid fees.

Mark your bags

Whether you put a ribbon or duck tape somewhere along the sides of your bag, you should always make your bag in some way.

You want your bag to look unique. It can be a hassle waiting for a bag that 30 other people also have.

Do not over dress

It does not matter how comfortable your airline tells you the seats are or how quick your flight is; you should not over dress.

It is not comfortable enough for heels or a fancy outfit.

Wear something comfortable to make your flight easier.

Take medicine with food

You should rarely take medicine without eating. Most medicine requires it be taken with a meal or at least a snack.

Unless you are open to the possibility of getting sick, eat with medicine.

Avoid talking on the phone

Try not to talk on the phone before departure.

There is often someone yammering on the phone when the other passengers are quietly waiting for takeoff. Nothing is more annoying than the one person on the phone before takeoff.

Be a good seat neighbor

Having a music-playing device comes in handy on a long flight. Photo from Pixabay.

Do not bother the person next to you.

Most people want to have a nice and relaxing flight without worrying about work, school or anything else waiting for them when they land.

It can be nice to have a little conversation but do not carry it on longer than the other person seems interested.

Be confident

It is okay to look around for your gate or even to get your bags, but be confident.

Being unsure of yourself makes you seem childish or uncomfortable. It will also make you a target for anyone looking to take advantage of travelers.

Bring something to do

Ensure you have some way to entertain yourself.

Charge up your iPad, iPod or anything else you might want. In case you cannot snooze on the plane, you will be grateful that you have something to do.

There are so many ways to go about enjoying a winter break. Flight tips are key to avoiding mishaps.

Flying can be easier with these tips. Photo from Pixabay.

Kelly Bush

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