Clinton won’t escape this time

By Joe Holden
March 1, 2001

It’s time to put an end to the Clinton regime and his mockery of the American legal system. His pardons are what should be the last straw to break the camel’s back. That is the camel on Capitol Hill.

Congress will be investigating and probing the list of over 100 pardoned criminals to see if any paid their way out of jail. It is in the best interest of the American people that congress find this washed-up president guilty of taking bribes. He is also guilty of abusing the highest office in the country.

The evidence is there. Supporters of the Clinton library were on the pardon list, as were supporters of the Democrat party. It’s time to nail this spineless bureaucrat. What good is the justice system if naming a price buys exoneration?

Millions of taxpayer dollars were spent four years ago on the impeachment proceedings and trial against Clinton. The American people were fed up with him then when he had sexual relations with an intern and then perjured himself when asked about it. Now he uses his high office and low morals to excuse dope peddlers, millionaire fugitives and swindlers, not to mention that all of these individuals have contributed in some form or another to one of his benefits.

Clinton cannot even do this under the table and in a quiet fashion. He chooses to excuse all of these donors on the top list open to scrutiny and the entire country. When the press asks him for comment, he fumbles and dodges the questions and continues to beguile the American people. Billy boy is certainly lost without his speechwriter.

Presidential pardoning has long been a method for the president to excuse those who might have been wrongly convicted or unjustly accused. It has been a tactic that has held some prestige and some mystery.

It is not a luxury for the president to use at his disposal. It is not a right. It is a responsibility. Meanwhile, Clinton is extending a political “thank you” to criminals who have seen their way fit and through the bars to give him a donation.

Is this just Washington politics or should the American people be concerned?

Damn right. We should be very concerned. Congress and the appointed sub committees will be taking a very deep look into the mysterious charity of these jailbirds. The Senate will be playing an important role in the investigation of Clinton. Maybe now we will get to see some sparks between Hillary and Bill.

Joe Holden is the editor in chief of the Loquitur. Whenever Democrats threaten to run roughshod over America with liberal ideas, Joe will be there to fight them with the power of conservatism.

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Joe Holden

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