Classic onscreen remakes fail to deliver

By Michelle Costa
October 8, 2009

Shannon Keough

“Fame I’m gonna live forever I’m gonna learn how to fly high,” “Fame.”

Those are the famous song lyrics that as children we heard our parents say. It was from the best movie ever.

Today it seems as though our culture and creativity have been put on a boring and lame kind of a streak.

The movie “Fame” has just recently been remade and released into theaters worldwide and I think its safe to say, there is a pool of mixed emotions.

After seeing the movie, I personally would have to say that, yes, it was certainly well done, but it is nothing like the original. The original holds a sense of complexity, difference and uniqueness that a director and creator can ace only once.

Originals cannot and should not be remade because it lowers the high standard of respect when it was first made.

Along with recent movies, television shows are being remade frequently. Just on the CW network “90210” and “Melrose Place” have both been remade in the past year.

After being a weekly watcher I have grown to realize that the shows may hold potential but will never have the same as their originals once had.

I believe the film and television industry are filled with some of the most talented people, and there is fear that some are merely relying on old ideas that were once seen as the most successful ideas.

Creativity is a precious tool in life that can lead to masterpieces that will be recognized for years to come. So why remake something that has already been done, when someone can put the time and effort into creating something new, fresh and memorable?

I feel as though the movie industry is just spitting out movies and throwing the new release title on top, when really they are just rushed half assed remakes.

Most of the time the press is very hard on remakes, giving them poor scores and often criticizing the fact that the original was fantastic. What was the need to ruin it?

Classics are what form time periods, history and memories, leaving me to strongly believe that constant remakes are just a lack of creativity and an easy way to make money to those involved in the industry.

Just like our parents show us movies and speak of shows from their time, we should have the privilege to do so with our children in the future.

I truly think that we need a new standard of ideas and competition that will help establish pieces of work that people can talk about for a lifetime.

I think that having a job in this industry is the biggest privilege one could ask for because you have the capability of controlling someone’s emotions with each scene that is created.

To watch the whole world cry, laugh and leave happy or confused is the art behind imagination and inventiveness. So why not do it once and just leave it at that?

All in all I disagree with the idea of movies and shows being remade. Of course there will be some amazing ones from time to time but the majority are just a disappointment that get rid of the once honored and well-remembered piece of work.

So grab your popcorn and cold soda and hope to see something that will impress you as much as those movies your parents once saw and now show you.

Michelle Costa

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