Christmas break is right on time

By Cheryl Wagstaff
December 6, 2001

It is that time of year again. The last two weeks of the semester are the most stressful in a college student’s life.

The first semester of my freshman year, I only had one final during the actual exam week. The other finals that I had were papers that I had to write. Therefore, the most stressful time of the semester actually came the week before finals.

During the last two weeks of the semester everyone gets extremely stressed out. Lack of time and sleep sometimes cause people to say and do things that they do not mean.

The toughest part of the last two weeks of the semester is managing one’s time. There are so many assignments due, especially the end of the semester projects and book reports. The teachers think that by making them due at the end of the semester is giving us ample time to work on them. The fact of the matter is that the students do not get around to the projects until right before they are due.

Teachers are also giving out projects that make the students go to the library instead of looking up information on the Internet.

I have not had to go to library for what seems like forever. I do not even know where to find anything. There is nothing more embarrassing than someone who has made the dean’s list every semester of his or her college career asking where to find a book.

I can only imagine what the librarians think of the students.

By the time that finals come around every semester, I am ready to go home and relax.

Do not get me wrong, I love school. I do not like having to go to the classes, but I like seeing all of my friends here.

It is nice not being under the watch of your parents 24 hours a day. However, after the entire semester and the stress of finals, it is nice to go home to a routine. For the first time in months one can go to bed at a decent hour. Not to mention balanced meals for 30 days.

After the Christmas vacation is over, I am ready to return to school. By that time I am tired of being “under my parents roof.” I am tired of having to do the dishes and help clean the house.

Students move back into the dorm refreshed and ready for the new semester.

Everyone needs a break. Not only from their classes, but they also need a break from the college life from time to time. The break between the semesters provides just enough time off for the student.

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Cheryl Wagstaff

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