Checking out what’s happening at 89.1 WYBF-FM ‘The Burn’

By Megan Conte
November 5, 2009

Lauren Sliva

The Cabrini College radio station, WYBF was one of the reasons why senior English and communication major, Paul Skow, wanted to attend Cabrini.

“Rockin’ Out with Paul Skow” is a weekly WYBF-FM radio show. Paul Skow’s show is on Wednesdays from 2 p.m to 4 p.m.

During Skow’s freshman year, he took the preliminary radio class. During Skow’s sophomore year, he was majoring in business. He hated accounting and felt that he wasn’t good at it, which was his reason for going back to communication. During his junior year, he officially became part of the WYBF staff.

“I started last year and everyone had a name for their show already and I couldn’t think of one. The first two weeks I was nameless then I thought of ‘Rockin’ Out with Paul Skow.’ I asked Heather, who is the general manager of WYBF, and she thought it was good and the name stuck, and I have been using it ever since,” Skow said.

WYBF is a variety station, but most of the staff plays Top 40 music. Skow is one of the few DJs who plays rock music on WYBF, which is his favorite.

“I am really into music and like rock, so that’s what I play on my show,” Skow said.

During the show, Skow doesn’t like playing the same music. He is always looking for new music and bands to give a fresh show for listeners each week.

“I usually start off with something brand new that just came out or high energy to get the show going,” Skow said.

Sometimes Skow will begin his show with a plan to play certain songs. People will call in with requests, which Skow says makes the show diverse.

During his show he will play about half CDs and half music that has been uploaded to the computer. There is a variety of music on the computer and thousands of songs. The program that is used for the music is called Dalet.

“People will call in, Facebook or go to the WYBF Web site to request music they want to hear,” Skow said.

There are certain guidelines that WYBF follows. The DJs play a legal ID at the top of every hour and a public service announcement, which is required by the Federal Communication Commision Besides that, the DJs can play whatever they want.

The public service announcements, legal IDs and liners are all prerecorded, but there is a binder of public service announcements, which the DJ reads on air during their show. Skow pre-records promos for his personal show.

Skow started promoting himself by telling friends and family to check out his show. Over time he has developed a pretty good fan base and now has a fan page on Facebook, which he recently made.

When Skow graduates, he would like to continue in radio in some form or possibly be a music journalist.

Join his fan page on Facebook, “Rockin’ Out with Paul Skow.”

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Megan Conte

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