Celebrity overload

By Christy Ross
October 11, 2007


When it comes to celebrities and the law, I have heard enough. Everyday there seems to be a different celebrity somewhere in the world breaking some different law.

I will admit that celebrity gossip takes up about 85 percent of my life and I am addicted to reading all about who is cheating on who, who’s in rehab and so on, but as far as the law goes, I’m over it. They have the money to keep themselves out of prison. If only we all could be so lucky.

Most of their offenses are pretty much caused from drinking or from drugs. They can get in the same amount of trouble as a normal person but because they are famous that means nothing. Take Paris and Nicole for instance, both famous for absolutely nothing, and both getting a “get out of jail free card” just because they’re from wealthy families.

Paris Hilton probably didn’t learn anything from her time behind bars. Why would she? She was there for less than a month, in a private cell. I can’t say this bothers me because I know that if I were ever in that position I would love it if it could be the same way with me. On the other hand, they are out there with no care in the world and are putting other people at risk when they get behind the wheel drunk.

Other crimes, like Michael Vick being charged with the dog fights shouldn’t go unpunished either. If convicted, Vick could spend up to five years in prison. Will he? Probably not, but in my opinion he deserves to. He has enough money to keep himself out of prison that long. Hopefully a judge will see that he should serve a full sentence behind bars because it should only make him a better person in the end.

Just because you have money, or because your parents are rich, or because you’re a great football player does not mean that you can break the law. The law is set for a reason, and if you are going to punish some people a certain way, and others another way, then why even have laws?

Overall my opinion on celebrities and the laws is that it is pointless. They shouldn’t even have to go to court, because ultimately they end up getting off the hook one time or another. I would think that after the same offense occurred a third or fourth time there would be a little more punishment to go along with it.

There are thousands of un-famous people who have been in trouble with the law, especially when it comes to drinking. They are the ones doing community service, paying obscene amounts of money in fines and sometimes even spending time in prison. They don’t have the luxury of using their millions to keep them out.

Christy Ross

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