Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day?

By Victoria Tarver
March 11, 2014

Saint Patrick’s Day is around the corner, do you have your plans together? This year there are some things for everyone to do whether you’re going out with family or your friends. There are plenty of activities, parties and ways to look great for this holiday.

There will be a Saint Patty’s day parade March 16th starting at noon on 16th and JFK Blvd. If some people are more religious then others mass will be held prior to the parade starting at nine a.m. on 20th Locust. This year’s theme is bless the contributions of Irish Americans to our nation.

Saint Paddy’s day isn’t the same without having a few homemade delicious snacks. Some quick and creative ideas that you could make are lucky charms trail mix, rainbow jello cups, and mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. All of these recipes can be found on Pinterest Saint Paddy’s Day ideas and recipes.

There are ways to dress nice for Saint Paddy’s day without looking a mess or wearing too much green. Seventeen magazine suggests wearing a green pair of skinnies with a graphic tee and some really cute sneakers or shoes.

If you don’t want to wear green clothing you can always add a touch of green to your accessories, and most of the times it’s the accessories that make up your outfit.

If you’re a bar person and like to go out for the holidays, McFadden’s is one of the places with activities going on Saint Paddy’s Day weekend.

On March 15 doors will open at 9am for kegs and eggs and later on in the day there will be a performance from Lost in Paris from 3-6 p.m. Before you go out make sure you check out their dress code they strictly enforce it.

For those who have a bigger interest in Saint Paddy’s day besides activities there other meanings for the holiday. This holiday was created to celebrate the culture of Ireland with parties, festivals and big feast.

Saint Patrick bought Christianity to Ireland. To this day Saint Paddy’s day in Ireland is celebrated as a religious and national holiday. During this time offices and schools are closed and many people attend church services. When Saint Paddy’s day is celebrated it’s also the same time as lent when you are not supposed to eat meat, but on this day the rule is lifted.

However you want to spend Saint Patrick ’s Day there are plenty of festivities to choose from. The most important reason is to celebrate the life of Saint Patrick.

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Victoria Tarver

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