CD Review: My Television Personalities’ “My Dark Places”

By Christine Ernest
March 16, 2006

Jerry Zurek

One of the biggest cult bands in the past 30 years, The Television Personalities, is about to release their first album in 11 years.

If you’ve never really gotten into them, don’t fret because you’ve heard them in some way or another, since they have influenced most of the pop music that is in your own personal collection today. The London group began in the late ’70s when singer/songwriter Dan Treacy recorded his first single.

Treacy sings, “I’m not your typical boy” on the new album and his past proves he sings the truth. He has not had an easy life as depression and drug problems clouded his life. He then went missing in 1998 to reappear in 2004 on a prison boat. Next Treacy got back together with The Television Personalities and started recording again.

Perhaps it was those hard times when he went missing or just pure genius that added to the intricate layer of brutal honesty of the Television Personalities’ latest album. Entitled “My Dark Places,” the album is reminiscent of Daniel Johnston or The Fall, but with addicting beats thrown against its scratchy honesty.

The first single is entitled “All The Young Children On Smack” and although upon first listen it sounds reminiscent of a strung out rock star, repeat listens of the title thrown on top of handclaps and warbling guitar lines will make you realize that Treacy has possibly found the calm in the eye of the storm.

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Christine Ernest

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