Cavaliers soar over St. Joes Hawks roller hockey team

By Laura Van De Pette
November 19, 2004

If you’re feeling a hockey void and you crave the hard-hitting slap shots of the Philadelphia Flyers, get over it. You will not be seeing any National Hockey League games this season, but you could see the amazing talent of Cabrini’s men’s roller hockey team. They have been lighting up the scoreboard at the Marple Sports Arena every Sunday. This past Sunday, Nov. 14, was no different. The 7-4 victory was a complete team effort and the fans loved every minute of it.

The game started with a bang when alternate Josh Foley tossed the puck in St. Joseph’s net. With just under ten minutes left in the first period, the Cavaliers had two players in the penalty box leaving Joe Zullo and Josh Foley to maintain the 1-0 lead. Despite their best efforts, the Hawks put one on the board. There were several shots on Cabrini’s goalie, Steve Hughes, but his awesome defensive skills closed the period with a 1-1 score.

“This is the first time I have ever played any sport at a collegiate level and I love it! I’m having so much fun,” Foley said in a post-game interview.

During the second period the Hawks wasted no time lighting up the scoreboard again. Only one minute into the period the score was 2-1. The Cavaliers were focused and hungry for another goal to tie the score. With the crowd on their feet in excitement, Rob Eshelman had a furious breakaway and slammed the puck into the Hawk’s net to tie the score 2-2.

Commenting on the goals scored against them, Rob Eshelman said, “We [Cabrini] need to communicate on the rink. We’re not talking and Steve our goalie is suffering because of it.”

Joe Zullo and Mike Egan were sporting awesome teamwork skills and it paid off when Zullo passed the puck in a perfectly executed shot to Egan who effortlessly slid the puck into St. Joe’s net. The Cavaliers were really stepping up their offensive skills when Rich DeMatteo entered the period with three minutes left and scored within 30 seconds increasing the lead to 4-2. A minute later DeMatteo and Foley were back again to score. The dynamic duo implemented remarkable teamwork again and Foley assisted DeMatteo’s second goal. Although the Cavaliers had a commanding lead, the Hawks were not giving up yet. With 30 seconds left in the period, the Hawks lit up the scoreboard ending the period with a 5-3 score.

“Foley stepped up today, he played real good, real good,” freshman Joe Zullo said.

The third period was off to a positive start when Mike Stevens won the face-off. With nine minutes left, Zullo was tossed into the penalty box for two minutes for high sticking. The Cavalier fans were outraged by the referee’s call. The crowd’s anticipation grew as the Cavalier’s had their first power-play. Although there were five Cavaliers versus three Hawks, St. Joe’s managed to score during the Cavalier’s two minute power-play. With three minutes left, the score was 5-4.

In the final two minutes of the game a scoring frenzy increased the Cavalier’s lead to 7-4. First Steve Cabrilla scored and then a flawless shot by Mike Stevens launched the puck into the Hawk’s net in the final 10 seconds of the game.

Mike Stevens, junior and vice president of the roller hockey club, said, “Overall this was an awesome game, definitely an awesome game.”

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Laura Van De Pette

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