Cavaliers receive $10,000 NCAA Initiative Grant

By Christine Blom
October 7, 2004

Marla Porreca

Christine Blom

Staff Writer

To enhance the leadership by captains and others on Cabrini sports teams, the Cavaliers Athletic Department received the NCAA Division III Initiative Grant for the 2004-05 school year.

The hefty grant of $10,000 is given each year to schools that “help support the education and development of students, faculty and staff at Division III institutions.”

The reason Cabrini was chosen to receive the grant was because of the proposal of the Cavalier Captains’ Paradigm Program.

This program was set up so that team captains would be educated on and off the field about the athletic departments’ expectations of those in a leadership position, constantly reinstate the athletes’ commitment to their schoolwork and how they might need some support because of their busy schedule.

The final plan for this program was to develop leadership skills in areas such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

One of the perks of this plan is that the entire campus will be able to enjoy is guest speakers in the near future. The two speakers chosen are Joe Valerio of the Kansas City Chiefs and the other is Kevin T. Robertson who is TV and radio personality. All students will be given more information about when the two guests will be making their appearances and are encouraged to attend.

The athletic department is both excited and hopeful about the grant and its purpose to enrich the athletic departments’ relationship with the students.

Leslie Danehy, director of athletics, said, “I was pleasantly surprised to receive the grant. Most of the money will go towards educational speakers and materials, which will also help us clarify our values and speakers for student-athletes.”

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Christine Blom

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