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Cabrini closure sparks hope for student loan relief

There’s a lot that’s bad about Cabrini closing, but believe it or not, there’s one important benefit: the school’s shutdown gives the opportunity to… Read More

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Muslim Community Center gains support

The recent proposal to build a Muslim community center and place of worship near ground zero sparked debate nationwide. Proponents of the project are stating religious freedom as a reason for supporting it.

Hearing loss attributed to loud habits

Teens and young adults love listening to music at a loud volume but little do they know they’re doing severe damage to their hearing. iPods can do more harm than good. Loss of hearing has increased drastically within the years due to the pounding music coming from ear buds that are placed directly in your ear canal. However, iPods may not be the only factor causing hearing loss in teens.

Life-long friends join men’s soccer team

There’s no doubt that beginning your college career is stressful but, for Eric Nowecki, Gabe Kuhn and Ryan Cerrato it doesn’t have to be. These three young men took the leap from high school to college together.

Thousands protest government policies

Upset over the divisive healthcare reform and legislative bills like the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the controversial shock jock Glenn Beck was joined by hundreds of thousands at his “Restoring America” rally.

Men’s soccer looks to hold onto its CSAC title

After posting a 7-1 conference record, winning the CSAC title and reaching the NCAA tournament is it a surprise that the men’s soccer team was recently ranked No. 1 in the CSAC preseason poll?

Two alumni: two post-grad journeys

Two different Cabrini alumni of '10 tell their post-grad stories of how they chose between taking their first full-time job and going to graduate school.

New vice president of enrollment ‘breaks the mold’

Cabrini College has a new vice president for enrollment management. He started his position in July. Dennis Kelly, who has over 30 years of educational experience, is one of the last two people appointed by President Marie Angelella George to form the new leadership team.

Faculty forges Africa ties, opens opportunities for ed. majors

Cabrini's president, three faculty and trustee traveled to Swaziland, Africa, to establish a partnership with Cabrini Ministries, which serves children orphaned by AIDS.

Loqation Season 2 Episode 24

Soccer team ‘kicks off’ fundraising

The soccer team held a fundraising dance in Grace Hall on April 22. The proceeds are going towards a team trip over seas to play in a soccer tournament. The group plans to travel out of the country in 2011.

New York City day trip

On the cold morning of April 6, 25 Cabrini students loaded onto a bus headed to New York City. It was a trip helmed… Read More

The unattainable luxury of eating disorder treatment

If someone told my younger self I’d eventually publish an article about my experience with bulimia and the search for treatment I would’ve called… Read More

Pennsylvania’s attorney general race: meet the candidates

Voters in Pennsylvania will soon choose the nominees for the upcoming attorney general election. Five Democrats and two Republicans face off in a primary election… Read More

Pennsylvania’s spring fishing: trout, bass, and nature

Leaves are appearing and the weather is warming; spring is here and fishing season is upon us.  In Pennsylvania, trout season opened on Saturday,… Read More

Final commencement speakers announced: students react

Cabrini’s 64th and final commencement ceremony is right around the corner, and before students receive their degrees on Sunday, May 19, we now know… Read More

To be a Cav

Cabrini communication receives new equipment

Over spring break, Cabrini’s communications department received brand new equipment for its video studio and control room.  Initial conversations for the upgrades began during… Read More

When journalism matters most

On Mar. 10,“20 Days in Mariupol” won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature Film at the 96th Academy Awards. The film shows Ukrainian journalist… Read More

A first and last Eagle Road match

A dreary forecast delayed the anticipated Cabrini vs. Eastern softball game to Tuesday, Mar. 12. Come Tuesday, the weather was perfect, and many Eastern… Read More

Arrest at library reveals deeper issue

At noon on Oct. 4, four Radnor police cars arrived outside Cabrini University’s parking garage. Officers entered the Holy Spirit Library, and approximately an… Read More
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