Q&A with President Helen Drinan

As students submit their final exams and head home for winter break, Loquitur’s Editor-in-Chief Chris Perri, and Breaking News Coordinator Jason Fridge met with… Read More

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Cabrini’s ResLife: from intimacy to oversight

Just seven years ago, students were worried about having to search for off-campus living due to an overabundance of enrolled students. Today, overcrowding is… Read More

First-year reflections: being a freshman at a closing school

Freshman year of college is an exciting time. From living in dorms away from parents to spur of the moment decisions, it’s supposed to… Read More

America Lopez-Santiago’s involvement in Cabrini’s immigration coverage

Frances Xavier Cabrini is the patron saint of immigrants. Her drive to help these individuals is embodied throughout the curriculum at the college named… Read More

This is for the Dreamers

Undocumented students have the opportunity to receive their college education, opportunities, and resources with the help of TheDream.US program. The program provides scholarships for… Read More

Education of the heart: Cabrini’s mission trip to Guatemala

Over a decade ago, Cabrini University began a study abroad course where students visit Guatemala to provide community service for and learn from, its… Read More

Reporting on rising tuition costs at Cabrini

In the ever-changing world of university finances, where every increase in tuition sends concern through the student body, one aspect remains constant: the role… Read More

Grief and resilience: the Loquitur’s journey through 9/11

As the sun rose on September 11, 2001, Cabrini University’s campus buzzed with the familiar energy of a new academic year. Students hurried to… Read More

Breaking barriers: commitment to a social justice legacy

Cabrini’s proud motto, “Education of the heart,” pledges a commitment to social justice and the greater good and the creation of legacy and purpose… Read More

The evolution of Cabrini’s election reporting

Covering presidential elections on a college campus is tricky. Not only is it a challenge to navigate political jargon, but competing with major news… Read More

Loquitur war coverage: from Vietnam to Ukraine

Throughout the publication’s history, Loquitur reporters have covered anti-Vietnam War protests, as well as the wars in Iraq and Ukraine, giving a unique perspective… Read More

Campus Safety Evaluation

Q: Does the institution publish campus crime information as required by the Jeanne Clery Act? (Request a copy) Q: Are Security Logs open for… Read More

Marijuana study says teens enter college with the habit

by Lauren Norton staff writer Marijuana use by college students nationwide increased nearly 22 percent from 1993 to 1999, according to a report by… Read More

Search retreatants gain experience and inspiration

Campus Ministry by Julia Marie Teti assistant perspectives editor Amazing, wonderful, exciting. These are just a few of the words that the leaders and… Read More

Bali, religious rugs topics at latest faculty forum

by Kate Pelusi assistant copy editor Monkey Dances? Tooth Filing? Mail- order brides? Burlesque Houses?!? Don’t you wish your professors would talk about these… Read More

Who wants to work on `Millionaire’? Grad does

Jenine Ikeler by Georgiana Rushworth staff writer “Charm and persistence will get you there, but hard work and talent will keep you there” was… Read More

Students find computer skills a necessity for daily life

by Ren

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Cabrini Day theme focuses on immigration

Cabrini Day workshops are reported on by Toccara Buckley, Colleen Connor, Kim Gormley, Katie Hernson, Carly Juno, Rich Magda, Tanya McCausland, Sarah Smith, Jana Sukala, Lucy Truglio, Cheryl Wagstaff, John O'Donnell, and Jennifer Dalvano. .

Presidential election down to wire

CNN online by Joe Holden editor in chief “It’s a going to be won by a whisker. From the beginning of September all indicators… Read More

History professor sees baseball as more than a sport

by Justine Di Filippo assistant photography editor The history club is sponsoring a baseball forum in the Widener Center Lecture Hall on Saturday, Nov.… Read More

On Campus

18th Annual Arts, Research and Scholarship Symposium

On Tuesday, April 29, academic spirit replaced the gymnasium’s athletic atmosphere as poster boards crowded the court’s floor. This was Cabrini’s 18th and final Arts,… Read More

In the Community

The best year yet for Cav campus leadership

On Saturday, May 4, students and family gathered to celebrate on-campus leadership and honor society inductions. The Cavalier Leadership Recognition Ceremony was a part… Read More
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