Campus Safety Evaluation

By Other Staff
November 16, 2000

Q: Does the institution publish campus crime information as required by the Jeanne Clery Act? (Request a copy)

Q: Are Security Logs open for public inspection?

Q: Does the school ask applicants if they have been arrested and convicted of a crime? Do they admit applicants with a criminal history?

Q: Are campus crime penalties and policies explicitly addressed during orientation, as well as prominently stipulated in the student handbook?

Q: Are drinking, drug and weapon laws strictly enforced?

Q: Are bathroom doors in co-ed dorms secured with master locks for floor residents?

Q: Are single sex and substance-free dormitories available?

Q: Does the school address the entire student body during the academic year about growing problems related to campus crime: date rape and sexual assault, alcohol and drug abuse, and sexually transmitted diseases? When? Who addresses the students?

Q: Does the school have an open judicial committee? How many and what type of cases did the judicial committee handle last year?

Q: Does the school provide immediate medical, psychological, and legal aid to victims, as required by the Campus Sexual Assault Victims’ Bill of Rights (Federal Law 1992)?

What conclusion did you come to after reviewing the Campus Safety Evaluation? 80% of campus crime is student-on-student.

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Other Staff

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