Q&A with President Helen Drinan

As students submit their final exams and head home for winter break, Loquitur’s Editor-in-Chief Chris Perri, and Breaking News Coordinator Jason Fridge met with… Read More

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A small but strong writing community

For this spring semester, the writing and narrative arts (WNA) department is concluding with only one course for writing majors. The start of a… Read More

What happens to Cabrini’s tenured professors?

On June 23, when Cabrini announced its closure through email, professor and chair of history and political science Dr. James Hedtke thought it was… Read More

To stay or leave Cabrini

Over winter break, students were faced with the decision to transfer or remain at Cabrini.  Many students are heavily involved on campus, through athletics,… Read More

Faith amid closure: why Mass attendance is dwindling

Every Wednesday afternoon, a Mass is held at Cabrini’s Bruckmann Memorial Chapel of Saint Joseph. On this particular Mass, the crowd is small. In… Read More

Q&A with President Helen Drinan

As students submit their final exams and head home for winter break, Loquitur’s Editor-in-Chief Chris Perri, and Breaking News Coordinator Jason Fridge met with… Read More

Cabrini stands with immigrants: a day of action

On October 25, Cabrini University’s campus was quiet.  But that did not stop a specific group of people from standing up for what they… Read More

Villanova forum sheds light on student concern

On Wednesday, Dec. 6, undergraduate students gathered at Widener Lecture Hall for a meeting with Cabrini President Helen Drinan and Dr. Michelle Filling-Brown, dean… Read More

Cabrini celebrates Native American history month

In honor of Native American Heritage month, Dr. Jim Hedtke, professor of history and political science, gave a lecture on Ely Parker November 28th,… Read More

The Artificial Dilemma

The artificial dilemma  Artificial Intelligence continues to grow more prevalent with each passing day. At Cabrini University, students and administration highlight the dilemma between… Read More

Arrest at library reveals deeper issue

At noon on Oct. 4, four Radnor police cars arrived outside Cabrini University’s parking garage. Officers entered the Holy Spirit Library, and approximately an… Read More

National College and University News

by Tracy Timson staff writer University of California- Berkeley People at University of California- Berkeley are sick and tired of the ringing during classes.… Read More

Study shows that sexual content on TV has risen

by Linsey Heiser news editor According to research done by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 68 percent of the 1999-2000 television shows contained… Read More

First-year students find money as top priority

by Ren

Website allows easy application to grad school

by Julia Marie Teti assistant perspectives editor If you’re thinking about attending graduate school, but have no time for paperwork, the website may… Read More

College to build field, team on the move

by Georgiana Rushworth staff writer Why does Cabrini College need a softball field? Take a typical practice day for example. “I have class at… Read More

Siblings Weekend

The usual weekend debauchery found on Cabrini’s campus was down to a significantly low roar at the presence of several virgin ears and eyes… Read More

Special-interest housing offered to residents

Joe Holden editor in chief Beginning next semester, the college will offer special-interest housing to students wanting to create a true living-learning environment. If… Read More

Graduate uses poetry and film to report news

Joe Holden Beth Conahan A&E editor There is an alternative journalism out there, one that seeks the truth and puts itself in dangerous situations… Read More

Graduation rate depends on different factors

Kendra Clark staff writer Money may be sparse for many college students, but information compiled by the government shows that Cabrini students may be… Read More

Modern technology attracts professor to teach

Michelle Palandro by Kim Gormley staff writer Nancy Schill’s desk holds stacks of colorful student papers: hand-inked logos, computer graphics and sheets of marked… Read More

On Campus

Villanova representatives tour Cabrini: what we know

Throughout the first month of the semester, there’s been a new crowd around campus. Seen checking out classrooms and buildings, these individuals are representatives… Read More

In the Community

The price of journalism

Free speech and freedom of the press continue to be suppressed and violated in countries around the world. Some countries provide strong protections for… Read More
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