Cases of hypnosis among students

By Jake Verterano
September 20, 2007

submitted photo/kaylia trina

Hypnotized students were spotted dancing, singing and even performing sexual acts with chairs in the Grace Hall atrium last Monday night. No, this was not a situation where resident assistants would be writing people up but rather a case of hypnosis. Former MTV and Maxim guest, Damian, hypnotized 17 students on Sept. 10.

“I’ve been developing my skills since 1996,” Damian said. Damian has been seen in radio, television, and film.a triple threat.

“I do a show once a month with the guys from Jackass,” Damian said. Damian has also performed his hypnosis act with members of the All-American Rejects on MTV in 2006. He also did interviews with Maxim Radio and performed at Maxim events.

“We wanted to bring something new to Cabrini,” Megan Kutulis, a sophomore communications major, said when asked about Damian’s appearance ” CAP Board is really trying to get more people involved with the events on campus this year.”

This is the first of many events CAP board has planned to create interest in on-campus events.

The CAP Board is doing a puzzle piece promotion, where you bring a puzzle designed piece of paper to events and have it stamped. Each stamp gets you one step closer to winning a special prize. The prizes range from gift cards to even a flat screen television.

“The turnout was a lot better than we had expected, this was a definite success for CAP Board,” Kutulis said.

Damian’s act caused students to lose total control of themselves. There were people dancing like Chippendales, Britney Spears lip synching and even a swarm of people climbing around like orangutans. “That’s not even my craziest act,” Damian said, “If you want to see some really crazy acts.look me up on Youtube.”

“I thought the show was interesting and yet hilarious,” Meghan Monroe, a sophomore psychology and sociology major said. Monroe was one of nearly 60 students who turned out for the show.

“The crowd was really great. For a smaller audience they were definitely into it,” Damian said. “I’m used to working with all different sizes of crowd. I do nearly 150 shows a year.”

When he isn’t hypnotizing people, Damian can be found racing cars, flying or giving some motivation empowerment.

“If you’re a smoker, when you wake up you will think cigarettes are disgusting. You will never have one again,” Damian said during his act to promote some motivation empowerment. Damian is also a board member of the Humane Society.

“Hypnosis is like playing guitar. You mess around for a little bit and just see what works. Eventually, a hobby can turn into a life’s work,” Damian said.

Information on Damian can be found on his official website, You can also read about his tricks in his upcoming book, “Hypnotism In The New Millenium.”

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Jake Verterano

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