More jobs, more coverage, fix the budget–what Cabrini workers want from the election

By Jennifer Cannon
November 5, 2012

When deciding whom to vote for in the election, individuals often keep their personal needs in mind. They listen to promises which will affect what’s going on in their lives, making one choice over another and simply hoping for the best. It’s hard for us as college students to see the effects that government decisions will have, but right here on campus there are people feeling the effects already who are praying that the next four years will bring some relief.

“I just want them to implement more jobs,” Tierica Pitts said. She works in Jazzman’s Café, is a supporter of Obama and knows that the country is hurting. “I want America to be employed,” Pitts said – which includes herself. Pitts has studied to be a medical assistant and surgical tech, but hospitals aren’t hiring.

“Hopefully I can get a job in a hospital doing something I really want to do,” Pitts said. And she’s hopeful with unemployment rates dropping that this will be possible if Obama is reelected.

“I have a four year-old son,” Pitts said. “If early childhood education is cut, I’ll have to pay more for daycare.” Romney has said funding will be cut to programs such as HeadStart that are essential to working mothers who want the best for their children. Pitts’ son also has sickle cell disease, “which means he’s in and out of the hospital a lot. If he goes on a different insurance, they’ll put a cap on how much they will pay for him per year.” A blood transfusion alone can cost $30,000, and those diagnosed with sickle cell disease need multiple transfusions in one year alone. If Pitts’ son were to go over an insurance cap, she would need to foot the bill. If Romney takes office, she’s worried that she’ll have to find somewhere else to send her son. She also wishes for a future career in a hospital that she doesn’t think will happen without Obama in office.

“I think if the Republicans give Obama a chance to pass laws, he can do something great,” Pitts said.

Mark Nicholson, a registered Republican, is giving his support to the candidate he thinks is best: Obama.

“I just believe he’s the right person for this country,” Nicholson said. Nicholson is a sous chef in Cavs’ Corner and knows what is best for him and his family.

“I want him to continue what he’s doing, to help reduce the deficit, and I sound like a politician myself here, but try to create new jobs,” Nicholson said. He is concerned for the well-being of the country and knows Obama has the right stuff to make things better.

“I think Romney is sneaky,” Nicholson said, “And his running mate does not have the experience that Biden does to back him up.” He doesn’t think Romney will change anything negatively, but also doesn’t have what it takes to positively impact the country either.

Mark Nicholson
(Jenay Smith / Features Editor)

“My life will not personally change depending on who’s elected,” Nicholson said, “I’ll still wake up and have a job. But I support Obama because I believe he’s the right man to make changes.”

Jennifer Cannon

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