Campus repairs and luxuries put before teachers financial benefits

By Justine DiFilippo
October 25, 2001

Last week I heard something that irked my cookies. The school has lowered the coverage on the teachers benefit plans. They were told there wasn’t enough money in the budget for benefits, or the medical and dental plans, for the teacher and their family members.

Last time I checked, the school was making good money from tuition. The Loquitur in the past has tried to find out where the students tuition goes but no one has succeeded yet. For every 100 residents the school makes roughly $2.6 million and for every 100 commuters the school makes roughly $1.6 million that equals $4.2 million now that’s only from 200 students that go here.

Let’s see, I can tell you where most of the money has gone from the changes I have seen on campus. New steps in front of Woodcrest, added speed bumps, a new roof for Grace Hall, new computers in the library, the first floor Founders computer lab, and the new sign located at the back gates of campus. Oh yes, the greatest thing I saw last Thursday, a fresh coat of paint being applied to the back gates of the college. These are just the examples of obvious places money is spent on this campus.

I’m not an expert roofer or anything but these improvements to the campus seem to me to be ridiculous if we cannot afford to get a good medical plan for our teachers. The computers in the library worked fine, I used them all the time. Sure they weren’t as great as the one at my house but they didn’t freeze as much as the ones in the newsroom. If the roof was so bad that it needed to be replaced why were there residents living there last year?

The campus already had a high number of speed bumps for such a small campus. Why do we need more?

The back gates looked perfect when driving by them I don’t think I ever saw someone actually looking at the gates to see if the paint was chipping.

Woodcrest had the original steps for many years. The funny thing about the new steps is that they are still not handicap accessible. What was the point?

I may be over stepping my boundaries here, but I feel that my tuition here is not going to anything that is worth my money. I feel that the person who is put in charge of the college’s finances has made many bad decisions. Why the teachers have to be punished for poor decisions of the person in charge of the budget is beyond me.

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Justine DiFilippo

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