Campus beats with ‘10,000 Hearts’

By Lauren Aiken
September 30, 2005

Bruce MacLelland

Cabrini College is known for its tight knit community, as well as their dedicated staff and diverse population of students. The college is united by a common goal of excellence and commitment to service. “10,000 Hearts” is the name of the comprehensive campaign, signifying the power of the giving community.

The true measure of Cabrini College lies not in the buildings, or the statistics of the college, but in the community. At Cabrini College, the staff and students pride themselves in maintaining the respectable name of this organization.

Ten Thousand Hearts is not a statement of how much money the college makes or what it does; it is a statement of what Cabrini stands for. It is a collective power of the Cabrini Community, alumni, students, faculty and friends standing together in their shared commitment to the Cabrini College community. This is a way for everyone to remain involved in the Cabrini life, and for others to set eyes on the common goal of each person on this campus.

The stronger the enthusiasm to build the Cabrini fund, the better equipped the college is to present the college with more improved ways to learn, along with a better learning environment for the students at Cabrini.

Many alumni view “10,000 Hearts” as an opportunity to contribute to the college they once called home for many years. This shows that Cabrini College is not only a place to gain knowledge for the outside world and to transition into an adult, but also a place to gain respect for family and friends that will last a lifetime.

Matt Holmes, the alumni programs coordinator and a graduate of Cabrini College, is excited to take part in the “10,000 Hearts” program. Although he has only been a part of the faculty for a couple months, he and many other alumni are ready to take action. “I’m looking to build interest and involvement in the alumnae population,” Holmes said.

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Lauren Aiken

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