‘Modern Warefare 3’ : a game changer

By Nicholas Rayner
November 29, 2011

"Call for Duty: Modern Warfare 3" is offered for any of the three major game systems

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” combines great special effects with realistic graphics and a great plot that makes it a must-buy.  “Modern Warefare 3” picks up where the second game ended with Captain Price and Soap hurt and dying after a battle, and Nikolai trying to find them to save their lives.

“Modern Warfare 3” was released Nov. 8, 2011.  The game is for all three major gamimg systems and the price is $59.99.  “Modern Warfare 3” offers a variety of modes from single player, a two-player mode and an online mode for both.

“Modern Warfare 3” is about World War 3 occurring all over the world. The plot to start WW3 has been set in a preview before starting the game, as a misguided military faction engaged the United States on American soil in the previous game. This time around, the enemy has taken the fight to New York as the center point for the global war. The war has also spread to Europe with armies and naval forces invading England and France.  With WW3 underway, the hunt for the man responsible for starting WW3, the Russian Vladimir Makarov, is in full effect.

The storyline is intense and exciting at times, but some will find it too advanced and difficult to understand how to play certain missions. The story is also much shorter than the previous “Warfare” games.  The action in “Modern Warfare 3” has been said by many as the greatest action game of all time; it’s as realistic to anything you will ever see.  There are a lot of movie pieces in the game, meaning more scripted scenes that you really don’t want to listen to, but have to in order to understand the plot. You do a lot of traveling in “Modern Warfare 3,” after every mission you get sent away to a new location.

While the single-player mode can be confusing, there will be a sense of satisfaction from completing the single player campaign as it finally closes the book on the game’s story line and all of the uncertainty you have had throughout the game and series.

“Modern Warfare 3” also offers a two-player mode that is as good as any other first person shooter. It’s unbelievable, the amount of value that exists between spec-ops and the competitive online modes. The latest addition of spec-ops is back. The mode features online and split-screen co-op capability again, with an assortment of action-packed missions.

For the first time, spec-ops includes a new mode called “Survival,” where you can buy and upgrade weapons similar to Zombie Mode. In addition to a new cash economy, spec-ops has its own leveling system integrating many of the popular multi-player elements.

The competitive online multi-player mode is largely the same, but with some tweaks and additions. The mode is still great, but the introduction of the strike packages give the game a new look. This addition allows players to quickly select a class that has its own skill level. The strike packages come in three flavors: assault, specialist and support.

Each strike package comes with a different set of kill streak bonuses. The Assault class comes with a set of deadly bonuses, but resets after each death. However, the support strike package allows gamers to carry over their kill streaks even after being killed. The specialist package is for great players as there are no kill streak bonuses, but it does offer up some extra benefits to the player.

I believe “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” is the best war game I have ever played.  It is a must-buy for anyone with a slight interest in video games.  I usually just play sports video games but I made an exception for “Call of Duty.”  Its graphics and special effects define this era of video games; it’s an instant classic.

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Nicholas Rayner

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