Cabrini students test luck at casino night

By Arielle Friscia
September 11, 2008

Shannon Keough

If you consider yourself a true “high roller” than you must have been present at CAP Board’s very own casino night.

Grace Hall had students putting big bets on the table trying to make the big bucks.

Before the rain started coming down on Cabrini’s campus, students needed one fun thing to do this weekend before they locked themselves in their dorms.

From the looks of it, some students were making some big bucks on the table.

There were others who were not looking too good at casino night. “The shuffling of casino night is a little iffy,” Anthony Stola, sophomore accounting major, said about while he kept losing his chips. By the end of the night he was making big bucks.

There were around 30 to 40 students who came out to support CAP Board’s casino night. “I was surprised how many people showed up tonight,” Ellie Spano, junior, business major, said

Even though there are many students who leave campus for the weekend, there were still students willing to gamble some “money” away.

Poker seemed to be a popular game of the night with students playing for most of the night. Students also seemed to be engaged in blackjack as well. Winners were all around Grace Hall Friday night.

When it was time to cash in, the real prizes finally came into play. Prizes were mostly gift cards for example to Wawa and American Express. “I like this school now,” Stola said after winning his $50 American Express gift card. There were also many other students who won prizes as well.

Other students were not as lucky as Stola to win a prize. But there are more events to look forward to that are held by CAP Board this semester such as bingo nights where students can win some other great prizes.

This casino night was a huge hit for the weekenders at Cabrini.

“It could’ve been better, you know with some refreshments and food,” Leslie Farrell, sophomore math major, said. “They could always make it better, but overall it (casino night) was a good time.”

If there were more people here on campus, I am sure casino night would have been a packed house with more students losing their “money.” Stoli expressed his relief using fake money.

“It’s a good thing it’s chips and we’re not using real money,” Stola said.

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Arielle Friscia

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