Cabrini Night at the Phillies game

By Kasey Minnick
August 30, 2007

kasey minnick/sports editor

As the 2007 Major League season is coming to an end, the Philadelphia Phillies are fighting for their chances to reach the playoffs through the wild card race.

On Aug. 24, Cabrini Night, the Phillies looked to gain a game on the San Diego Padres. President Antoinette Iadarola was the woman of the night to throw out the first pitch.

With 1,100 Cabrini College students, family, faculty and alumni in the stands, Iadarola said laughing, “I’m scared. No, I’m really excited and it’s a wonderful way to start the year of the 50th anniversary of Cabrini College. There will be a lot of spirit here tonight. And also, please give credit to my pitching coach Dan DiPrinzio.”

Even though the Phils suffered a 14-3 loss with Jamie Moyer on the mound, Cabrini students found themselves having a great time.

Junior criminology major Jay McEvilly said, “The game was a great time and a great idea. They should consider doing this for orientations to come.”

Freshman mathematics major Dana Sciamarelli said, “This was a great opportunity to bring everyone together and it brought our orientation group together and made friendships in our community.”

After the huge loss to the Padres, it was music to Philly fans’ ears to hear that a big name of the Phillies lineup, Chase Utley, would finally be taken off of the disabled list on Aug. 27 for the New York Mets series.

Utley picked up right where he left with a double and a home run to pave the way to a 9-2 Phils’ win. Utley, who received “M-V-P” chants in his return, is proving himself to be just that with a .339 batting average, 18 home runs and 84 RBIs.

With 31 games left of the season, fans see him as a key to take away the wild card from the San Diego Padres who are three games ahead, and even more, chase down the Mets who are five games ahead in the National League East.

Unfortunately for fans, the distress is currently inside the bullpen. The Phils have 13 active pitchers, as Cole Hamels was the latest player to be placed on the DL along with John Leiber, Mike Zagurski, Ryan Madson, Freddy Garcia, Yoel Hernandez, Scott Mathieson and Francisco Roasario.

According to the official Web site of the Philadelphia Phillies, first baseman Ryan Howard said, “A lot of people have probably written us off, because of all the injuries and everything. With Utley coming out with a bang like he did tonight, people are probably going to be worried.”

Kasey Minnick

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