Cabrini grad wrestles with job opportunity

By Jaclyn Freese
February 13, 2003

Donna Capone

If Donna Capone, manager of television operations for World Wrestling Entertainment, could give one piece of advice to college students it would be to take advantage of every opportunity they get.

“It is extremely important to try new things,” Capone said. “When employers look at job applications, they do not necessarily look for a 4.0 grade point average but for that well-rounded individual.”

Capone, a 1987 graduate of Cabrini, knows all too well about taking advantage of opportunities and being well-rounded. While at Cabrini, she was the manager of the TV production studio, a DJ at Cabrini’s radio station and a member of Campus Sound, which was a club that DJed for dances and parties.

By taking a variety of classes and participating in things that interested her, Capone believes she had the flair for a job in communications. She gives a lot of credit for her love of the communication field to Cathy Yungmann, assistant professor of communications.

“Women were very scarce in television production back then,” Capone said. “She laid the ground-work; she was such an inspiration.”

“My job requires a number of skills,” Capone said. “I have to meet countless deadlines and this business is team oriented, so teamwork is a must.”

Capone interned at Fox Channel 29 and at Wyeth Pharmaceutical in its television department. After graduating, Capone landed a job as a director and producer for the intermission shows for the Philadelphia Flyers and then moved to Miami to work for a FOX affiliate. These jobs led to her current occupation, but Capone really had no idea what she was getting herself into.

“How I got this job is actually a very funny story,” Capone said. “Believe it or not, I applied to an Internet want ad for the WWF.” At the time of Capone’s application, there were two companies using the initials WWF. These two companies were the World Wrestling Federation, the WWE’s former name, and the World Wildlife Fund.

“I was convinced that I was applying for a job to improve the world’s wildlife,” Capone said. “Imagine my surprise when I received a call from Titan Sports a.k.a. the World Wrestling Federation.” Capone knew nothing about wrestling when she was called back, but went in for the interview anyway. Four and a half years later, Capone would go on to become the manager of television operations.

“I absolutely love my job,” Capone said. “I do not really have a daily routine, so I am always on my toes. And yes, I do, on occasion, converse with the wrestlers.” Even though she does talk to the wrestlers sometimes, Capone has no firm plans to try on a set of kneepads and start dropping elbows from the top rope.

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Jaclyn Freese

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