Cabrini enforces new recycling system

By Megan Pellegrino
August 30, 2007

Kaitlin Barr/Editor in chief and Nicole osuch/managing editor

As the call to “go green” becomes stronger, Cabrini created a recycling system on campus.

The new system was released on July 9 when the new housekeeping, CSI placed the recycling bins in set locations, including the offices and dorms. Each recycling bin is set to recycle a different product.

“The faculty and staff have responded quite positively as we have observed an increase in recyclables and a decrease in trash,” Howard Holden, director of facilities, said.

The new recycling bins can be found in the offices and classrooms. These bins are designated for office computer paper, small quantities of cardboard boxes, newspapers and other high-grade papers but not glossy prints like advertisements or pamphlets.

Along with the smaller recycling bins, there are now larger recycling bins found throughout campus. These bins are for glass, plastic bottles and aluminum cans that in the past Cabrini chose not to recycle.

It is advised by facilities that the larger recycling bins designated for bottles are only for bottles and cans, not any other form of plastic or aluminum such as plates or Styrofoam boxes.

If for whatever reason you or someone you know has a large quantity of items to recycle you are not to use the recycling bins scattered among campus. Instead, call facilities at extension 8242. Facilities will then set up a time when the accumulated recycles can be picked up and recycled.

“We are working with student life, residence life and the College’s marketing and communications division to get the word out that recycling is not a choice, it is our responsibility as citizens, and it is “green,” Holden said.

Megan Pellegrino

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