Cabrini bands rock at Philadelphia’s Trocadero

By Ashley Weyler
October 21, 2005

Jerry Zurek

Headlining their first show at the Trocadero, On the 8th Day, along with openers Altrucide and Arcas to Ursa, filled the halls of the Troc’s balcony with heavy metal and rock music on Sunday, Oct. 16. The three groups performed to a sold out crowd.

Opening the show was the band Arcas to Ursa. This stellar five piece band captivated the crowd with their energy and raw talent. Members of the audience sang along to songs such as “Perils and Promise” and “Gun Barrel.” The members of the band said that they had just as much fun on stage as the crowd did to listening to them.

Also opening for On the 8th Day, was Cabrini’s own Altrucide. Members Dave Spina, vocals, Marty Shea, bass, Jeff Foley, lead guitar, and Dave Capece, rhythm guitar, are all current students of Cabrini College. Along with new drummer ETN, the band tore up the show with their thunderous blast beats, hellish screaming, heavy breakdowns and killer stage presence.

Pat Hill, lead singer of On the 8th Day and current Cabrini junior, said, “If the Trocadero allowed moshing at the show, the entire building would have been shaking. Everyone was head banging and raising their horns in salute to this band’s excellent show. Altrucide is the kind of band that will get everyone moving and if you’re not, then they will make you. literally.” Hill said that the audience seemed to be blown away by songs such “You and Your Accusations”, “Unforsaken Life”, and “A Part of Me.” “Simply put, these guys are metal,” he said.

Marty Shea, a Cabrini sophomore and bassist of Altrucide, said that the show was incredible and that it was their biggest show to date. “People who don’t normally come out to shows came out to support us,” he said, “It’s a good feeling to know people respond to our music.”

Shea actually attended high school with Hill and members of Arcas to Ursa and says that it was great playing a show with his friends.

To top the night off, which had already been a huge success, the third and final band, On the 8th Day, took the stage. They started their set off with a short drum fill, quickly said “We’re On the Eighth Day,” and then hurried to do what they do best.rock out. Vocalist Pat Hill, bassist Brian Marchesani, guitarist Eric Herbster, and drummer Gabe Falgi began playing with the utmost intensity which never ceased until the last note had been played.

Having been a band for two years, they looked like old pros. If they were nervous, it was hard to tell due to their chemistry, which electrified the stage, and echoed throughout the venue. They are no strangers to playing at the Troc, since they had been privileged to play on the main stage on three separate occasions. This was their first time playing in the balcony, let alone headline. On the 8th Day’s music is a combination of heavy riffs, technical drumming, intense screaming, and soothing harmonies.

For 45 minutes, the audience seemed awestruck by their performance. Those in the front fed off their energy by banging their heads and singing along. Some of their songs, such as Into the Ashes, Waiting, Reflections and S.S.D.D roared through the balcony.

Hill said, “The feeling we had being on that stage and looking out to a sea of people was overwhelming. We are so grateful to everyone who came out and to Arcas to Ursa and Altrucide for playing with us. And also to Mr. Steve Cermanski, who made the show possible. It was a great opportunity for all the bands to get a sample of what’s to come if we stick with it.”

As the band concluded their set, they were sweaty; they were tired, but couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces. The crowd continued to cheer as they tried to calm themselves of the adrenaline they had built for the last 45 minutes.

At the end of the show, Steve Cermanski came up on stage and thanked the audience and the three bands for coming out. He informed the wild crowd that the show was sold out. Bouncers working the show said that it was their biggest show on the balcony in a year and a half.

Ryan McCarthy, a senior English/communication major, enjoyed the show. McCarthy films all three of the bands when they perform in Grace Hall. He said, “I think for a college band it’s a bi0g accomplishment for them to play at such a famous Philadelphia venue, even if it was the balcony.” He said that it’s the best show he has seen.

The show overall was a huge success. Keep a look out for Altrucide, Arcas to Ursa, and On the 8th Day’s names in lights someday soon!

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Ashley Weyler

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