Cabrini Theatre: The Addams Family Review

By Emily Miller
April 30, 2018

Video by Kait D’Ambrosio.



After last year’s stunning performance of “Legally Blonde: The Musical,” Cabrini Theatre set the bar through the roof for this year’s show.

However, after having the privilege to get tickets, despite them selling out within the first week, and seeing the show, the director, Kait Glenn and the cast have produced another fantastic show.

“It was very hard to top ‘Legally Blonde’ from last spring,” senior and Cabrini Theatre performer Chris Fonte said. “However, I think we had an even better cast and crew this year that really put a lot of work into making (the production) work. Being only my second show, I am proud of my performance and could not have done it without Kayla Ricker, who plays my wife in the show, and the directors Chris and Kait for pushing me to my potential.”

Senior performers include Alyssa Massarella, performing as Wednesday Addams, Jacqueline Witherow as Morticia Addams and Chris Fonte as Mal Beineke. All of these performers gave a stellar performance reflective of their characters.

Both of the leading ladies were absolutely wonderful in their roles and brought both the endearing femininity of Morticia and the adorable cynicism of Wednesday. Not to mention, everyone in the cast gave an outstanding vocal performance. There was not one single weak voice to be heard.

Other performers included returning actors Johnny Myers as Gomez Addams and Joe Berardi as Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester, played by Joe Berardi and the ancestors were commended for their performances and vocals. Photo by Hope Daluisio

. Each member of the Addams family was able to capture the essence of the family’s quirky nature, while maintaining the ability to provide context to the audience. In addition, the newest performers to Cabrini Theatre were able to make an excellent debut.

“I think everyone worked really hard and it definitely showed,” freshman and Addams ancestor Amy Gilette said. “I was really excited that we sold out the show, and I’m proud of everyone’s effort and teamwork for making this experience a great one. As my first show at Cabrini, it was definitely more challenging than any show I’ve been in. I am glad that Kait and Chris were able to help me step out of my comfort zone and ace a role that was so different from anything I have done before.”

With everyone giving a spot on performance, Berardi’s performance as Uncle Fester was especially phenomenal when it came to keeping the show light-hearted and comedic. Alternatively, the chemistry between Myers’ and Witherow’s characters served well to establish the closeness of the family, thus driving the central conflict.

The story revolves around Wednesday Addams, played by Massarella, falling in love with a boy named Lucas Beineke, played by Matt Keelan, who is seemingly the polar opposite of Wednesday and her family. This, of course, leads to a series of mishaps and shenanigans, which prove to allow love to shine through in the end.

The set was crafted beautifully and although it did not share the same complexity of “Legally Blonde,” the simplicity worked in the show’s favor which allowed the performances to be the highlight of the stage.

The costume design was perfect for capturin

Wednesday Addams, played by Alyssa Massarella, holding a freshly hunted duck. Photo by Hope Daluisio. 

g what the Addams family reflect in their wardrobe, including the ancestors who’s costumes looked very reminiscent of Cabrini Theatre’s fall play of 2016, “Tintinnabulations.”

Overall, “The Addams Family” was such an enjoyable time and definitely worth the time to see. The cast, crew, directors Kait Glenn, Christopher Sapienza and everyone involved in this production should be nothing less than pleased and proud with their work.

To the seniors of the show, the best of luck in your future endeavors! And to the rest of the cast and crew, kudos to another great show and here’s to many more!





Emily Miller

Emily Miller | Copy/ Web Editor, Loquitur 2018

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