Cabrini students make bucket list

By Natalie Crawford
September 22, 2010

College is known to be the fastest four years of your life. Students start off as eager freshman and before they know it they are accomplished seniors getting ready to receive their diploma, or are they? Some students thrive to accomplish certain goals within the short four years that they have left and for the ones that aren’t, time is of the essence.

Students have compiled their thoughts on the most important accomplishments they want to do before they graduate from Cabrini College. Interesting classes, sports, clubs, school events/activities, study abroad, co-ops and on campus jobs are just some of the opportunities students can take advantage of at Cabrini.

There are certain classes offered at Cabrini that fill up faster than others. Of course there are some classes that students wish they could stay far away from, yet other classes that are offered, students cannot sign up fast enough for.

“One of the classes that really interest me that I want to take before I graduate is anatomy and physiology,” James Scott, junior bio pre-med major, said. “Besides the fact that I have to take it for my major, it’s what I’m good at. The topic really interests me,” Scott said.

According to the registrar office some of the most popular classes that fill up very quickly are crisis intervention, intro to psych 101, sociology 101, P.E.D. classes, basic photography, Dr. Hedke’s history courses and survey of music. There are also weekend courses available to take such as forensic science and fine art that are popular among the student body.

“My biggest regret was that I was a commuter and did not live on campus,” Lorraine Verde, registrar assistant, said.

“I did not take advantage of certain things that I would have liked to. I stuck to the same group of friends throughout college. I did not branch out and meet different people, it was hard to because I was not a resident,” Verde said.

Students at Cabrini take more than enough advantage of the career and co-op services offered. Students use the database to try and find an internship.

“One of my goals at Cabrini is to get a job as well as an internship. I have not decided where I want to intern yet, but the thought is definitely in my mind,” Matthew DiDonato, freshman, accounting major, said.

“I am looking for an internship in the hotel industry. My goal right now is to become stronger at communicating to people. I want to get as much as I can from my professors since it is my last year at Cabrini,” Gulsana Argynova, senior, marketing communication major said.

Cabrini offers 40 clubs and organizations for students to participate in, including accounting association, active minds, black student union, dance team, student government association, sociology club, ski and outdoor club, roller hockey team and math club, cheerleading and all of the division III sports teams.

“I want to be more active on campus. When I first came to Cabrini I was in the international students club. This club was so helpful because it was a way for international students to communicate with each other about their experience with Cabrini so far and the possible culture-shock,” Argynova said.

Club sports give you the opportunity to dabble in sports you have never tried before.

“The roller hockey club is something that I have considered joining. I started to play when I was 6 and stopped when lacrosse took over my life in the eighth grade, James Scott, junior, bio pre-med major said. “I have joined the club lacrosse team as well as the ski club.”

“I want to get involved with student government. I was class president for sophomore and junior year of high school and when I was a senior I was president of the student body. I have so many things going on right now I’m not sure if I can find time to get involved but I plan to in the future.” Morgan Hudson, sophomore, business major, said.

Cabrini offers school events and activities to motivate you even more to get involved around campus. The activities range from bingo night, movie night and tie-dye night. If students ever feel bored some weekends at Cabrini, they can take a trip with the school to go waterskiing, wakeboarding and tubing for only ten dollars.

“I’m so interested in going on the canopy tour and white water rafting trip with the school. I have gone white water rafting before with my family but I have never been on a canopy tour before,” Hudson said.

Students interested in seeing broadways shows can go on the day trips to New York City and see some of the best nominated musicals for inexpensive prices.

Study abroad gives the students a beyond electrifying opportunity to travel the world and study at a college in another country.

“I want to study abroad in either Ireland or Australia,” Rusty Johnson, freshman, business major, said.

Cabrini students do love the opportunity of joining professional organizations on campus but at the same time want to step out of the box and go on the wild side.

“This may sound crazy but before I graduate one of the crazy things I want to do is climb to the top of the library and just sit on the roof,” Scott said.

“When I first came into Cabrini I had some personal goals of my own. I hoped to make friends which I did and I don’t want to get lost with my school work. I want to get things done on time,” DiDonato said.

“I want to study abroad, go sledding when there is a huge snow storm at Cabrini and do something I’ve never done before. I’ve always wanted to do something wild and crazy,” DiDonato said.

Even if it may seem impossible, you can really achieve what you want to at Cabrini. Students are so fortunate to be presented with these choices, how can you not seize the opportunity. You are typically given one chance at college. The college years fly by. “Do something extraordinary” and learn to achieve your goals at Cabrini College.

“Coming in I had a bunch of goals, probably too many. As my semester started I realized you can’t do everything when you have a hectic work schedule. I thought about what was most important to me and achieved it.”

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Natalie Crawford

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