Cabrini Step dancers

By Melissa Szymborski
November 1, 2010

Cabrini is known for its various clubs that help show school spirit. These clubs are part of what make Cabrini extraordinary.

While we have a dance team and cheerleading squad junior, business administration major Quiana Voleny wanted to bring something more to Cabrini and enhance the school spirit.

Voleny, founder of Cabrini’s step team, attended the Cabrini vs. Eastern men’s basketball game last year and during the half time, she saw how Eastern’s step team amped up the crowd. She knew that she wanted to bring that type of energy and excitement to Cabrini.

“I always had a passion and liked to step, and wanted to join or start a step dance team,” Voleny said.

Although Volney is a very driven girl, she was not aware how much work and commitment it was going to take to make this club work out.

“You never get to see the amount of hard work that’s done behind the scenes, but it all always pays off,”

The girls practices two times a week every week and put a lot of time and effort into their routines.

The step team’s main focus is having fun and showing spirit that relates to the community. The mission statement is: “The purpose of the step team is to promote the involvement of students on campus. This organization specifically encourages students to share their talent and passion of stepping, dancing, and creating rhythmic sound with their hands and feet. By stepping, Cabrini Step Team aims to provide high positive energy to our audience at various campus events. We strive to generate enthusiasm and excitement to the crowd.”

While most people think that stepping is just a normal form of dance, it concentrates more on footwork and less on body and arm movements. Other forms of dance center around the all-around performance.

Believe it or not the step team won at open mic night this past October, even though they don’t sing. They will also be performing at the next open mic night which is Nov. 17.

They are looking forward to performing at many upcoming school events. Volney says she’s already had some professors come up to her saying they would love to learn a routine. Dr. Gingerich, dean of academic affairs, is one of the few that has expressed his interest in the club. It would be quite interesting to see some of our professors stepping it out on the dance floor.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the step team. They will be posting flyers around campus stating when and where they will be performing and it’s something you’re not going to want to miss.

Melissa Szymborski

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