Cabrini rowing looks to make progress in fall season

By Ty Daubert
October 18, 2019

Cabrini rowing in action. Courtesy of Cabrini Athletics.

The Cabrini women’s rowing team has some very important goals that it wishes to accomplish as it begins its fall season.

The seasons in rowing differ from those of most sports, as rowing has both a fall and spring season. Both of the seasons are similar in nature but focus on different things. The fall season’s races are longer, while the spring season hosts races of shorter distances.

The women’s team plans to use this fall season as a way to better themselves as a team and be at their best in time for the spring season.

“We’ve been doing longer sets at practice,” Julia Klos, a sophomore rower, said about how the team is training for the fall. “We’re working on keeping a steady pace over a long period of time. This is preparing us for the spring, too, but it’s just going to be a little different.”

The intensive training for the long races in the fall allow to rowers to build up their strength early on. They then are able to use the endurance they have built in order to get faster in time for the shorter races in the spring season.

Cabrini rowing in action. Courtesy of Cabrini Athletics.

Another goal that the rowing team wishes to meet is to continue to build chemistry and grow as a team.

Sophomore Ashley Vagnoni spoke about the strides the team has made so far in that regard and how important it is to keep working together to have success in the spring.

“I’ve enjoyed the team bonding,” Vagnoni said. “We all don’t always interact with each other outside of rowing so it’s fun to see us get closer.”

“I think [getting closer as a team] will help,” she said. “Obviously, it’s harder to race with people that you don’t know rather than people that you do know.”

Klos also spoke about striving to get better as the fall season progresses in order to carry that momentum into the spring season.

“We want to place higher in our races as we go along and try to, even if it’s only by a couple of seconds, improve our times,” Klos said. “…It’s a goal of ours to catch up to where [the other teams] are so we can all move forward and progress as one team.

The fall looks to be a huge time for development for the rowing team. If they are able to reach their goals, the fall season may lead to success when springtime rolls around.

Ty Daubert

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