College cuts undergraduate tuition to below $30K, maintains merit scholarship level

By Kelsey Alvino
November 16, 2011

Cabrini is now one of five current colleges across the United States to dramatically reduce the price of tuition rates. The Board of Trustees of Cabrini College has authorized a 12.5 percent reduction in undergraduate tuition and fees, effective fall 2012.

This announcement, made on Thursday, Nov. 10, will have a major impact on the current state of the college community.

“Cabrini College is financially strong and students will continue to experience the same extraordinary programs and faculty,” Cabrini President Marie Angelella George said.

This plan for affordability will help families despite the current economic struggles that many college students face.

“I am pleased to see in these tough economic times, finally an institution of higher learning realizes that we as parents want the best for our kids,” Larry Sokolowski, father of Megan Sokolowski, junior communication major, and a prospective student Caitlin Sokolowski, said.

“This guarantees pricing that helps us to help our kids achieve their goals and stay in the college of their choice,” Sokolowski said. “This guaranteed pricing and tuition roll back shows how responsive Cabrini is to the needs of their students and parents. Thanks Cabrini for making it easier for our kids to achieve their goals.”

Not only has tuition gone down by 12.5 percent making the price of private education $29,000 but now current and perspective students have been promised that their families can plan for college costs through May 2015 not reaching above $30,000.

“The Board of Trustees believes strongly that this is the right thing to do – for students and for the College as a whole – as we seek to live our mission of providing an Education of the Heart,” George said.

Although Cabrini is one of five colleges reducing the price of their education, Cabrini stands alone with maintaining merit scholarships as is.

Cabrini will maintain merit scholarship awards at current levels. In addition, the college will work with its students to keep Cabrini affordable for them.

“I thought the news was great,” LeAnna Sierra, freshman undecided, said. “I was actually thinking about transferring because of the cost of the school and this news makes it easier for me to stay.”

The college will continue vigorously on its path to strengthen and add programs and faculty for both undergraduate and graduate programs, move forward as scheduled with implementation of Board-approved strategic and campus master plans and continue providing undergraduate and graduate students with a values-based education that prepares them for successful lives and careers., George said.

More than 98 percent of students receive need-based financial aid or merit scholarships from Cabrini. This decrease in tuition and new system will assure students that the private education Cabrini offers will continue to work hard to make the price of college affordable to everyone.

“It may be bittersweet for the seniors but in the end, it’s for the greater common good, which is the mission of the college,” Quiana Volney, senior marketing major, said.

Although the price of Cabrini is dropping, the community and classrooms will remain the same.

“When I first heard the news, I thought that many things on-campus would change but now that I know everything will remain the same and tuition is lower its amazing news,” Gregory Robinson, sophomore political science major, said.

With small class sizes and personal attention in the classroom as a selling point for Cabrini perspective students, only an estimated 25 more applications will be selected for the growing class of 2016, keeping the class size around 350 students.

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Kelsey Alvino

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