Cabrini faculty use the Dixon Center

By Lamar Fisher
September 30, 2010

Cabrini faculty and staff members use the Dixon Center facility, and know how important it is to work out on a weekly basis. Not only do students and athletes use the gym to stay in shape, but the faculty and staff of Cabrini College use the gym numerous days of the week to stay healthy and in shape.

The Dixon center has become very convenient for a lot of staff members.

“It’s very convenient because I’m already on campus and I can come workout in the middle of the day,” Christine Hyson, director of health and wellness education, said.

Hyson is a hard-working mother and tries to squeeze in a work out whenever she gets a chance. Hyson said she is not on campus much, so she often uses the gym about two to three days of the week.

“I would have to get a workout in, even if it’s here 6 a.m. or at home at night,” Hyson said.

The Cabrini College faculty is very busy but most find the time to get in a healthy workout. Even if it’s just a cardio exercise in the early morning, light jog in between classes or an intensified lifting routine at night.

The gym provides everyone with the right equipment so they can get what need do.

“I usually use the area for general fitness and physical therapy,” English professor Marilyn Johnson said.

“Depending upon my schedule I would workout three days a week,” Johnson said. “I do a some of each. I would sometime workout after classes and in between.”

Richie Gebauer, director of LLC, is a frequent visitor of the gym and has made the Dixon Center very convenient for himself.

“The Dixon Center is very convenient. It’s a smaller campus so it’s easier to get from a class to the gym, so there’s more time to get a good workout in,” Gebauer said.

“I usually go to the gym after my lunch because sometimes there’s an extra hour in my time block,” Gebauer said. “I’m a wrestling coach and if I can’t workout at the Dixon Center, I usually have access to that gym.”

No matter how busy Gebauer schedule gets he always finds time for the gym.

“It’s just a matter of having the ability to work and workout,” Gebauer said.

Senior Corey Schulz is part of the fitness staff. He works in gym for a few days of the week and uses the facility as well. He keeps an eye open and observes the people who enter the doors to work out.

“At least 20 faculty members come to the gym per week,” Schulz said.

“I’m in the Dixon Center a lot. There are at least between 25 and 30 faculty member that use the gym,” senior Dominic Farrell said. The faculty mixes up different work out in the gym.

“When they come to the gym they usually do cardiovascular workouts, treadmill and a few weight sessions. Most staff uses the track for walking and running to,” Farrell said.

The gym is very convenient to the faculty member of Cabrini College and they try to use the facility whenever they can get a chance. Staff member that work in the gym are very respectful and it makes it a lot more confortable for faculty to work out with no problems.

“I’d rather work out here at Dixon Center. I couldn’t dream of any other place to go,” Johnson said.

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Lamar Fisher

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