Cabrini cheerleaders are thankful they finished their season before school closure

By Angelina Halas
March 26, 2020

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**Editor’s Note: The cheerleaders would like to note that these views are shared by everyone in the club.**

“As a senior, I know how hard this time is packing up and not getting to finish something you worked so hard for or are passionate about. You aren’t alone and your feelings are valid. Keep your head up and hopefully your time to finish your season will be allowed somehow or someway,” senior flyer Melissa Hefferan said. 

As many students are reeling from the email sent out by President Taylor on March 12, spring sports teams are especially hurting as their seasons have been cut short due to the school closing because of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Spring sports will have no more practices or games as campus is shut down for the rest of the semester due to the spread of the coronavirus and trying to keep everyone healthy. Photo created on Canva by Angelina Halas.

Fortunately for some sports, they were able to complete their season and go out strong, like the cheerleading club. 

“I feel extremely grateful that I got to finish my season,” junior base Paulina Repollet said. “Words can’t describe the joy I feel knowing that I was able to create those memories and share those laughs with my team before they pulled the plug, but I’m also hurt that spring sports weren’t able to do the same.” 

According to NPR, the NCAA is thinking about allowing eligibility relief for seniors who couldn’t finish their season, meaning that they are welcome to come back next year to play and finish out their season. 

“I feel like allowing students to come back and play their season would be very beneficial and mean a lot to the students whose seasons got cut short,” Hefferan said. “I bet there are many seniors who look forward to their last season and finishing strong.” 

While this sounds like a great idea, there are many issues that are being faced along with it, such as cost and playing time for other players. 

According to USA Today, it could take some colleges about hundreds and thousands of dollars to allow this to happen. 

Despite the cost, Hefferan believes that it would be amazing no matter what has to be done to get it to happen. 

ESPN reports that the finalization of NCAA’s ruling will come at the end of March or the beginning of April for Division I schools. Division II and III schools already have been granted relief. 

While eligibility relief has its good intentions, the cons do make the decision tougher. Photo created on Canva by Angelina Halas.

Hefferan is hoping that the coronavirus will only last until the end of April, assuming everyone is taking the right precautions, and there should be no setbacks for those coming back in the fall. 

“I would hope that once this ends everyone continues to stay healthy and safe and there would be no cancellations,” Hefferan said. 

Hefferan’s teammate, Repollet, has a similar outlook.

“If we do what we are told and continue to wash our hands, keep our distance and stop leaving our homes, there’s a good chance that we will all be back in the fall and sports will no longer be cancelled,” Repollet said. “If we don’t, this may take longer to fight.” 

Repollet also wanted to share a message to those who didn’t get to finish their season. 

“Seniors, believe and know that you made your mark and no one can take that away from you,” Repollet said. “If you can, take advantage of that extra year you were given. For those still have more seasons coming up, push through this quarantine and come back three times as strong.” 

Head cheerleading coach Gabrielle Tinoco is happy that they got to finish their season strong, but is also a little disappointed as it did affect an end of the season gathering. 

Tinoco is also hopeful that the quarantine restrictions will lift shortly and not affect them, or any other sports teams, in the fall. 

“My hope is that when fall hits, we won’t even have to worry about it,” Tinoco said. 

The cheerleaders hearts go out to those playing a spring sport that didn’t get a chance at their season. Photo from @cabrinicavscheer Instagram.

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Angelina Halas

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