Cable outage on campus upsets students

By Justin Sillner
December 3, 2009

I’m sure I’m not the only one who was pretty frustrated when I woke up a couple of weeks ago to find that none of the channels on my television worked. I frantically searched the channels I used to watch everyday to find that there were mostly all gone.

After cooling down a bit, I thought to myself that it was probably just a temporary thing and that it would work again after my 10 minute shower.

Surprise surprise.

That was not the case that morning. Getting so caught up in searching for one actual moving picture on my television screen, I almost forgot that I actually had class this day. In class, I heard so many people talking about it.

Losing cable on campus was the biggest news on campus. Every class I went to, everyone was talking about it. I noticed a whole bunch of mixed reactions. I heard that it didn’t bother some and that others were enraged. I myself can definitely see both sides.

First off, we go to a school that is very expensive itself. We pay for so much including our dorms, our classes, our meals and our books we shouldn’t have to pay for something so simple as cable.

Yes I understand we should be focusing on our studies and that we shouldn’t watch TV as much as we do but I mean, come on, we are college students. TV is our everything. We love everything from MTV, E! and VH1. Without these how are we going to know whom Real and Chance picked on “Real Chance of Love?” I mean I guess we could check the Internet but to be honest, that’s too much effort. Plus, you wouldn’t even get the full effect. We can’t even see all the trashy girls pull each other’s hair and yell at each other.

I’m not going to lie, I do enjoy watching “Desperate Housewives,” which happens to be on one of those 20 channels. There are other big hit shows that a lot of us watch on these channels, such as “Glee,” “Brothers and Sisters” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Students’ reactions to the chaotic day that struck us all were ones that anyone would face if they woke up to that with no prior knowledge. I do think that everything that was said about the topic should have been said. We do pay a lot to go to this school and I feel that cable should be included in that cost. I do feel that the school should have sent out notices to inform us that this was going to happen beforehand. I feel like they also should have handled the problem sooner than they did.

But that’s all in the past now. Luckily the school provided us with boxes that will give us cable. I’m positive everybody on this campus is ecstatic to have their cable back on their television. There was talk that these boxes would give us the capability of having many channels. More channels than the number we had before.

Hopefully we could all get along now that we have our cable back. I feel that the campus is under less stress now that we can watch our shows about trashy girls fighting for men. As long as we have cable I think everything will be A-OKAY.

The school was ecstatic for actually having their cable back on. The week that it returned was such a joyous time at Cabrini.

We are now struggling with the loss of cable yet again. What is it going to take to have the cable stay on for more than a week? Cabrini, don’t take away a college student’s cable without warning. It’s dangerous.

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Justin Sillner

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