Vintage taste for your sweet tooth

By Kristine Semptimphelter
February 15, 2012

Brown Betty’s offer a variety of desserts including chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and vanilla cupcakes with banana icing.

Looking to give that special someone a tasty treat made especially for them? Brown Betty Dessert Boutique has a variety of specialty desserts for all different occasions. Whether you’re building an order for a room full of students or catching a tasty treat on your way home from work, Betty is sure to have the right dessert for you.

This delicious bakery currently has two locations in the Philadelphia area. Each carries generously sized cupcakes in all different flavors, styles and tastes.

Pricing of each cupcake is moderate. Ranging from $3 – $5, every flavor is worth its price.

Brown Betty’s modern vintage bakery bakes cakes and cupcakes daily. Each cupcake and cake is uniquely frosted by hand.

Brown Betty only uses the finest of ingredients for that mouthwatering taste.

Cakes are prepared specifically to your own liking. Your cake is baked to your ordering specifications and baked on time so it is moist and rich.

Located at Liberty Place, the bakery is just a few blocks walk from Market Street, easily accessible from the subway.

Brown Betty specializes in desserts for weddings and all special occasions.

Customized wedding cakes range from full three tiers cake to individual cupcakes shaped into one large cake. These cupcake cakes have become popular in many modern weddings.

The bakery also keeps a unique cupcake menu throughout the week. On Thursdays,  you can enjoy Sallie’s fruit-filled sour cream cupcake. This tasty treat is a vanilla pound cake with a buttercream frosting.

You can find Betty’s Buttermilk and Jean’s Road Trip any day of the week while supplies last.

While enjoying these tasty treats, storeowners recommend that you wait until the cakes are room temperature before enjoying. If you have enough tolerance to hold the frosting on your tongue, it will just sort of seep over your taste buds, blanketing them in sweet heaven.

Brown Betty employees are extremely knowledgeable of what they are selling. If you’re willing to try something other than your personal favorite, a Brown Betty employee will be able to point you in the right direction.

There is no limit to the different flavors of cupcakes. Pineapple with buttercream, strawberry with pound cake, all the different varieties give you something new to try.

Because the cupcakes are usually made-to-order, walk-in purchases only last until they are sold out.

This quaint little bakery is inviting to all ages and taste buds. With the variety of cupcakes you’ll be sure to find something that makes your taste buds tingle.

The only downfall to Brown Betty’s is its hidden location. The bakery is hidden off the road and inside a plaza in a corner unit away from pedestrians wandering eyes. This location only holds a few dozen cupcakes a day.

Another downfall to the small bakery style is the lack of seating space. Although the idea is an order-and-go type bakery, those that want to sit and taste a few options, have limited seating space.

The benefit to the location is the abundance of cupcakes due to its unknown location. More left over for those who do know about this dessert haven.

A prospective location is under wraps for this upcoming year. Hopefully this location will mimic its main bakery qualities as well as added curbside appeal.

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Kristine Semptimphelter

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