Brigette Miller: Cabrini student, dedicated United States lieutenant

By Victoria Tarver
February 12, 2013

Lieutenant Brigette Miller at drill.
Lieutenant Brigette Miller at drill. Photo and video by Jenay Smith.

Brigette Miller is a senior at Cabrini anticipating graduation in May, majoring in psychology with a minor in biology.

She has been living as a college student as well as being in the National Guard for three years. Miller plans on staying in the guard until she has to retire. Her job is a platoon leader for a transportation company here in Pennsylvania.

After her high school graduation in  she was on a plane that next day from Richmond N.H. to Fort Knox where she had her basic drill and ceremony for the army. There are three tough phases of basic combat training for the National Guard.

There aren’t many requirements to sign up for the guards. You must be between the ages of 17-35. You must sign up before you turn 35. You also have to be a United States citizen or a legal permanent resident alien. Last you must pass a few medical exams as well as the moral requirements and you could be on your way to being a soldier. To read more visit .

Coming from a military family it came natural for Miller to join. Her father and two brothers are in the Army as well. Her oldest brother is in the Air Force while her sister and brother in law are in the Navy.

“Staying in touch with them is hard, but we all make little text and emails here and there with care packages all the little things help,” Miller said.

Living in a military community is almost like living anywhere else. There is access to markets, schools, church, doctor’s offices and anything else that you may need to make you and your family comfortable if you bring them along with you.

“I love the community of the army. There’s a set lifestyle where order and discipline is enforced and I find I need that in my life,” Miller said.”Education is also a great opportunity that most soldiers take advantage of while being in the Army.” While being signed with the military some are also able to be in school at the same time to earn their degree with the majority of their expenses paid for.

During training they learn the Army’s core values, assembling, disassembling and caring for your M16, Rapelling down a steep tower, map and compass reading, convoy operations and many more difficult procedures.

Miller has been through a great amount of training, she has been to Fort Lewis, Fort Knox and Fort Leavenworth. In the summer she will be attending a Basic Officer’s course to make herself eligible for rank of captain. Right now Millers possessive rank is a second lieutenant.

There are great sacrifices choosing to protect and stand up for your country.

“My only concern in serving is making sure I make the right calls as a leader for my platoon. Their safety and health is my one priority,” Miller said.

It’s a great opportunity being in the National Guard but everything isn’t so easy.

“You don’t get to plan your vacations, nor when you apply for leave it’s not always possible to get approved,” Miller said. Miller still loves her job she knows there are up’s and downs with every profession.

So far Miller has been lucky enough to have not been deployed.

“With transferring to a new unit next year, I know it will happen eventually,” Miller said.

Miller’s advice to anyone wanting to join, “know what you want and be ready to work for it and stay motivated throughout all the tough times and remember why you chose to serve,” Miller said.Brigette Miller

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Victoria Tarver

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