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By Lauren Sliva
March 22, 2010

Afghanistan commander to reform Specialty Force
Most of the American Specialty Force was put under the direct command of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, an American commander in Afghanistan. His position is to control the amount of civilian causalities and to have the Special Force units take more precautions and ensure that the unit follows those precautions


N. J. o initiate price cuts
New Jersey’s first republican governor, Christopher J. Christie, has initiated price cuts on the state.

The price cuts are an effort to not raise taxes, however 1,300 will be laid off from government jobs; the cuts will also be coming from the schooling fund and public worker unions.

Haitian government works for psychiatric care
The psychiatric care has never been good in Haiti, however, after the earthquake more and more people are suffering from depression or “earthquake shock.”

The Haitian government is working to get health coverage for everyone in the country, but the mental health care is underdeveloped and not financed well.

Foreign psychiatrists are teaching many Haitian how to take care of the case and the field. With the earthquake’s aftershock it has made many uneasy.

NATO stops plow of oplum
NATO, agreeing with Americans to stop the plowing of opium, thinks it’s not time to completely get rid of it, postponing eradication.

The opium fields are the livelihood for many in the town of Marja. Even Afghan officials are struggling with a decision, because of the Taliban obtaining and using it to create poisons.

Health Care bill passed in Congress
With a 219-215 votes, the Health reform will be sent to Obama, followed by the Senate to sign as early as this week. The federal health insurance will not be used for abortions, as rallied earlier in the week. The vote was unanimous among non-Republican votes. With the votes passing, many Republicans have voiced their concerns, like the price in Medicare rising and putting the country and states in more debt and putting more pressure on states.

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Lauren Sliva

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