BlogRoll: Icethetics

By Nick LaRosa
November 1, 2011

If you’re a massive hockey fan, Icethetics is the go-to blog for updates on team logos, jersey news and concept art. The site was founded by Florida native Chris Smith and is “devoted to the aesthetics of hockey.”

The blog began in 2007 under the name ‘NHL Tournament of Logos’ and set out to discover, through fan voting, which teams had the best logos and which teams had the worst. However, the site has since grown into much more than a place for voting on hockey logos.

The blog aspect of the site focuses on the latest rumors regarding new team logos, jersey unveilings and also sheds light on supposed leaks. When addressing supposed leaked logos and jerseys, Smith gets his readers involved by asking them if they think the image is legitimate or not and whether they like the design or not.

Despite the growth of the site, Icethetics still directs a lot of time polling readers on a wide range of hockey-related concepts. While some polls pit one team’s logo against another, others ask you to rate each team’s home, away and alternate jerseys. Sometimes the site even asks readers to vote on obscure topics like which minor league hockey team has the best logo or which NHL All-Star Game logo was the most creative.

Concept art has also become a huge part of Smith’s site. Readers who are unhappy with a team’s new uniform set or desperately want a logo change for their squad can design how they believe their team should look on the ice. Smith posts all of the submissions under the ‘Concepts’ tab and allows users to vote on which concepts are the best.

For a hockey fan, Icethetics can become (and should be) your primary source for news about NHL aesthetics. Smith keeps track of when each team will wear their third jerseys during the season and also keeps running galleries of jerseys for each team, both past and present.

Icethetics gives hockey fans a chance to look through logos and jerseys from years past and also garners feedback on leaks and rumors.

For the fan who loves the jersey as much as the puck, Icethetics is exactly the kind of site you need to have bookmarked.

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Nick LaRosa

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