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By Amanda Toth
December 6, 2011 is a celebrity and animal blog “written by” the popular celebrity blogger Perez Hilton’s dog. Teddy’s blog has different stories and features of celebrities with their animals or doing things with animals in general.

Teddy’s blog posts different pictures, videos and stories about all different kinds of animals.  There are cute videos of cats, dogs and even elephants. The stories range in seriousness to silliness. The blog features stories, videos and articles on animal rights and what celebrity is doing what with animal rights. Other  times there is something on the light side like a  picture of a celebrity with their pet.

This blog is very different from other blogs about animals because it is written in a quirky way. How many blogs out there are written by a celebrity’s dog?  Since celebrity gossip is Hilton’s specialty, of course his dog’s blog would also be about celebrities, only it’s all about the celebrities and their animals.

There is a photo gallery on Teddy’s blog that is full of adorable animals. TeddyTV, which is, just videos on the blog, is another popular section. In this section there is a range of videos from news reports, silly animal videos and even celebrity posted videos of their animals.

Many animal lovers like to follow this blog because it keeps everyone updated with the newest, most popular and most talked about animal news and adorable videos.  Quite often the top videos on TeddyTV are also the top animal videos on YouTube.  It is also a great blog to follow for animal activists.

Along with the general blog, there is also a news letter that gets sent out to those blog followers who chose to sign up for it.  Another feature on the blog site is a language translator so that Teddy’s blog can be read in all different countries and by animal lovers of all different languages. Teddy’s blog is updated daily, several times on some days, depending on the top stories and what celebrities post on Twitter or send into him.

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Amanda Toth

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