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By Corey Frizzera
December 4, 2011

I constantly find myself browsing the web searching for sneakers.  Whether it’s from just released Nikes, retro Jordans that come out next year, Adidas that Kobe wore in the 2000 NBA Finals or 1992 Reeboks that Billy Hoyle wore in one of the best basketball films of all time “White Men Can’t Jump” that run for $1500. I guess this type of behavior stems from being a so called “sneakerhead.”

I feel as though sometimes I have a problem with buying shoes, but hey, I don’t plan to seek therapy any time soon.  I love collecting all types of shoes and I guess that just makes me unique.

So if anyone has the same problem as me and I know there are people out there that do, there is a solution.  The newest, most stylish, most interesting and most accurate blog that I found useful for sneakerheads and shoe fanatics everywhere is “Sole Collector.”

This blog consists of sneaker release dates, shoe details and the best places to buy high demand kicks before the sell out.  There are a wide variety of brands that are talked about on this blog ranging from Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Reebok and even Puma.  A sneaker “forum” is one of the most popular assests to this blog.  On the forum there are tabs that are titled with different subjects which enable people across the world to communicate with one another about a wide range of topics that include rumors about release dates, issues and problems with how shoes fit or look and just general small talk about sneakers.

There is also a tab on this blog that is called “Marketplace.”  Under this feature someone can buy and/or sell any type of sneaker that they want.  All of the shoes that are on sale on this website are complelety authentic and in great condition.  This provides customers a very private and safe way to purchase or sell shoes.  Other features include interviews from top celebrities, pro athletes and well-known designers about which shoes they find most intruiging and which sneaks are a must buy or which ones they may want to pass up on.  Peformance Reviews on all the shoes on this website are a big addition to the blog as well.  Different categories inlcude comfort & fit, cushioning, ankle support, breathibility, heel-toe transition, traction and weight.  Grades range from A+ all the way down to C-.  This again gives customers a reliable source to look at before they plan on spending their hard earned money on kicks.

“Sole Collector” provides must need information about all the newly, just released and unrelased shoes.  It is a must for sneaker fans across the world.  For more information about the blog, check out the website, “” or follow them on twitter “@SoleCollector.”

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Corey Frizzera

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