Blizzard blasts Cabrini

By Brian Loschiavo
February 18, 2010

During the past two weeks and throughout the past few months, snow has been pounding the Philadelphia area, making it the snowiest winter this region has ever seen.

Most students were brought back to the good old days of childhoods past, anticipating snow days and playing in the snow, some spending their time relaxing in the warmth of their dorm rooms or homes.

During these snow days we enjoyed our time off but I’m sure not many people took the time to think about the hard-working, dedicated maintenance and food services staff that serves the Cabrini community.

While we were trying to stay warm and dry, many men and woman came to work in the cold to plow our parking lots, shovel our sidewalks and put down salt. They came early in the morning and stayed until late at night to provide us breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Some may argue that this is their job and this is what they get paid for, but this argument is not the point of the matter. Obviously it is the job of the marketplace workers and maintenance staff to provide for us but it’s the effort and care that they put into their work that warrants them praise. Some even slept on campus overnight, away from their home and family to keep us safe and satisfied.

On a day when everyone else in the blizzard gets to put their feet up and have a day off, would you want to come work in the cold or spend your time preparing and serving food for people that you don’t know? These committed workers come in and not only get the job done but get it done in to the best of their ability.

So the next time that you’re in one of the campus eateries, or you see a maintenance worker or even someone from the cleaning staffs have respect for the job that they do and thank them.

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Brian Loschiavo

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