‘Blades of Glory’ glides into the box office at number one

By Elizabeth Brachelli
April 12, 2007


Will Ferrell and Jon Heder are tearing up the box office with their latest comedy, “Blades of Glory.” As the actors skate across the screen in leather pants and peacock costumes while battling for the top spot in figure-skating, the tasteless ice-skating routines will leave audiences soaking up the performances while laughing non-stop.

In “Blades of Glory,” Will Ferrell plays Chazz Michael Michaels, a sex-addict that thrives on rock-n-roll, drinking and the competition from John Heder’s character, Jimmy MacElroy. Ferrell and Heder live up to their reputations of being the dumb, yet comical characters. Jimmy MacElroy is a pretty-boy that was adopted by billionaire father and actor William Fichtner, who leaves him on the side of the road after being kicked out of the Olympics.

Michaels and MacElroy brawl at the podium during the Olympics over their egos causing the top skaters to be permanently removed from the Olympics.

After the bashing between Michaels and MacElroy at the Olympics, the movie speeds along as it shows how Michaels and MacElroy continue life without their passion of ice-skating. Michaels moves on as he plays a character in a children’s ice-show while MacElroy works in a winter sports shop specializing in ice-skating equipment.

Yet the pair finds a glitch in the rules for the Olympics after three years. Michaels and MacElroy can enter the Olympics, but only as a pair.

After ego battles that involve Michaels walking bare foot on the ice to MacElroy gliding on the ice with his bare stomach, the pair come together and create an unbeatable team that blows audiences away with their spins, crotch-smashing and crotch-grabbing routines.

The laughs don’t stop there. The bizarre plot gets better and avoids cheap laughs as Michaels and MacElroy have new rivals, the brother and sister team, the VanWaldenbergs, played by Will Arnett and Amy Poehler, who share a sexual bond on the side. Michaels and MacElroy plan to beat the VanWaldenbergs with a killer move that was developed in North Korea. The move once killed an ice-skater who tried to attempt the move.

As the VanWaldenbergs try to sabotage Michaels and MacElroy, MacElroy ends up falling in love with the VanWaldernberg’s younger sister played by Jenna Fischer. The VanWaldenberg pair blackmail their sister into working for them. Although the VanWaldenberg’s try to destroy Michaels and MacElroy, the pair work through the ridiculous tactics of sabotage used by the VanWaldenberg’s.

The ongoing skating routines might be completely unrealistic, but ‘Blades of Glory’ is not short of laughs and is highly recommended if looking for a night of contentment in the movies.

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Elizabeth Brachelli

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