Bingo: win more than just prizes

By Patrick Gallagher
February 5, 2010

There are many events on campus for students but the one that is most enjoyed by students is Bingo held in Jazzman’s Cafe.

In a party-like atmosphere a group of prize-winning hopefuls gathered to take part in a game that has lasted through generations. Bingo is and has always been a great way of meeting new people and getting people together.

“It’s so much fun, I love going. I usually don’t win but it’s still fun,” Derreck Shenk, junior biology tech major, said.

The Campus Activities and Programming Board generates and schedules various different events with the goal to “bring social, cultural, and educational programs to Cabrini College.” This most recent Bingo session did just that. They set up the Bingo events on a regular basis and continue to have great turn outs.

With tons of different prizes handed out, Bingo events are usually an eventful place. There are movies, television series and other DVDs given out. Other prizes consist of fun games, car and iPod accessories and sometimes even on occasion iPods themselves.

“No, no winners that night, but I have won before. I got a Step Brothers movie the first night I went and I keep going back but I haven’t won yet,” Aimee Giaccio, junior biology major, said.

A quick look throughout Jazzman’s Café and anyone could easily see that there were many happy faces and overall just a group of joyful people.

“Everyone has a lot of fun. I love going to win prizes, but that doesn’t happen very often. Everyone is all going for the same big prizes but anyone is willing to win whatever they can,” Shenk said.

Bingo, for some, isn’t just about the prizes and the winning. There are many people who go for the friends and the interactions.

“As odd as it sounds, Bingo is a cool event at Cabrini with almost a cult following,” Joe Cahill, junior communication major, said.

A person can go, forget about everything, marking off their numbers and hope that their next number will get them a prize. Many people view their surrounding bingo goers as a family away from home. When one person wins there’s no resentment, only joy for them and the thought, “the next one’s mine.”

“It’s always a great time and I think more people should come out and play! Just not when I’m there…cause I want the odds in my favor, you know?” Cahill said.

Bingo here on Cabrini is also a great way to have fun when you need a break from some school work or anything else thats causeing you some stress.

It only last about an hour and is a great way to get away from a paper that’s causing you a headache. Come over to Jazzman’s Cafe and lose yourself in some stress-free fun where you might even win some prizes.

“I really like going just to get away from everything. It’s fun to just sit with friend and try to win some cool prizes. I won last semester and have been going whenever i can now,” Ashley Edel, sophomore education major, said.

So the next time you feel like getting away and possibly winning some great new and cool prizes check for the next Bingo time. Who knows, it might be you who gets to yell that famous word, “Bingo.”

Patrick Gallagher

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