Hopkins beats Murat to retain Light Heavyweight belt at age 48

By Anthony Hypolite
October 29, 2013

Bernard Humphrey Hopkins, one of the great boxers of our time, was born in Philadelphia PA. Bernard’s record is (54-6-2) Hopkins went into a fight being 48 years old and his opponent was Karo Murat who was only 30 years old. Karo Murat’s record is (25-3-1). There was an 18 year differential between boxers which is insane. The fight was located in Atlantic City and the fight lasted the full twelve rounds. Bernard wasn’t throwing as much as Karo Murat was Bernard’s shots were more accurate. In round three out of twelve Bernard started taunting by sticking his tounge to show that he wasn’t hurt, while lowering his opponents self esteem. In the opening rounds Karo was exerting a lot of his energy into punches that Hopkins was easily evading.

Not only was he able to fight for the full twelve rounds and win by unanimous decision to defend his Light Heavyweight belt, but also he broke the record for the oldest boxer to defend his title. The scorecards for the match were 119-108, 119-108, and 117-110. All of the judges thought that Bernard simply out-boxed Karo because none of the cards were even close to tied. “I really wanted the knockout, but he was tough” Hopkins said. He was extremely calm throughout the whole fight.

Before Bernard’s nickname was “the exterminator” but after this fight he changed it to “the alien”. He changed his name because he knows that a lot of people that are a mere two years away from fifty wouldn’t be able to stand their ground for a full twelve rounds at such a professional pace. He also entered the arena with a green mask with black eyes, and his trucks also said “the alien” on the front.

“Were Going to do everything we can to get the biggest possible fight” Richard Schaefer, Golden Boy Promotions CEO, said. So this isn’t the end of the road for the inhumane fighter. One of the fights that Bernard is defiantly looking forward is one with Floyd Money Mayweather. Floyd’s record is (45-0-0) so for him to lose to Bernard would be Floyd’s first loss. Hopkins was planning to fight him in spring when he was 49 years old.


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Anthony Hypolite

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