Being productive for the holidays

By Victoria Tarver
February 24, 2014

Do you have plans for the winter break? It’s good to try and stay productive since we have so much time on our hands until the next semester.

If you’re feeling the holiday spirit then how about helping someone else in need that doesn’t have what you do. How about volunteering at a shelter or soup kitchen? This is a perfect way of staying active and at the same time helping people in need.

Spending time with people or giving back will make them feel special and show that you care about making their holiday as good as yours will be.

You can also try adopting a family through the Salvation Army. This is a program when you get to give the needs of a family’s request during the holiday. The families can receive food and gifts after they make their Christmas.

There’s nothing more important than giving back to someone else in need.

This year Stan Thompson student at Cabrini College wants to do something nice for someone this holiday, but he isn’t sure exactly what he plans on doing.

“I’ve been so busy with school work haven’t thought of my productive plan for over the break, Said Thompson” Even though he isn’t sure Thompson knows that he wants to volunteer somewhere that will benefit a family.

Working on a New Year’s resolution is great to think about all the things you want to improve for the New Year.  You can think about all your bad habits to improve them

If you don’t want to do volunteer work during the break you can also just get a job in your major to get some experience. This is also the perfect time to apply for a few internships. Jobs are always hiring during this time of year.

Diamond Gleaves is a senior at Cabrini that may stay here for part of the winter break. “I plan on having a job for the break, Said Gleaves.” She thinks that her job now will prepare her for the real world after graduation.

No matter how you plan on spending your holidays it’s good to just keep a positive attitude and just appreciate life.

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Victoria Tarver

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