Beautiful weather provides backdrop for family fun

By Abigail Keefe
October 17, 2002

Chris Jones

Family Weekend was a success as it provided a weekend of enjoyment for all who attended. Many helped plan and run the event, including: Student and Campus Activities, Residence Life Staff, Campus Activities and Programming Board, Student Government Association and Alumni Affairs. The theme of the weekend was “A League Of Our Own.” Everyone who was there agreed with the slogan.

As a way of rewarding people who contributed to the event, t-shirts with the logo, “A League of Our Own,” were given away. There was a huge demand for these shirts over the weekend. However, shirts were only given to those who got involved and participated. Everyone wanted the shirts. People were coming for the free shirts, but were showing no effort in getting involved. To solve the problem, trivia questions about facts of Cabrini were asked. If the correct answer was given, then a t-shirt was received. Student Development got their point across in making people act upon their “get involved” motto.

The man behind Family Weekend was Jason Bozzone, director of student activities. He was overwhelmed with all the hard work of putting the weekend together in four days. However, he did not work alone. Bozzone said, “If it wasn’t for the help and support of Student Life, this event would never happen. Student life really put things together.”

All events went well and had a big turnout, aside from Friday night. The drive-in-movie, “The Rookie,” was to be held outside in the Commons. But, it rained on Friday night so the movie had to be shown in the Dixon Center, hence the poor turnout.

The weather on Saturday was beautiful. It was in the low ’80s with a slight, refreshing breeze and a clear blue sky. Families and students who came enjoyed the events and the weather. There was one thing everyone had in common: they shared thoughts that there was no better day to be outside than that day. The amazing weather brought people out of their houses and onto Cabrini’s campus. The parking lots were fill ed with cars. Families were wandering around campus not knowing which way to go. They were lost, but enjoyed strolling around campus. Along with the parents, there were grandparents and many younger brothers and sisters. Many were enjoying the field hockey game and the festival while taking their dogs for a walk.

There were many different ways of showing Cabrini support during the events. Outside the Founder’s Dining Hall was a table covered in blue and white Cabrini pom-poms. They wore the slogan, “Proud Parent of a Future Alumni.” The pom-poms found their way all over campus, especially at the women’s field hockey and volleyball games.

The Family Cavalier Festival was huge. From a projected number of 136 people that would come, 250 were actually in attendance. Thomas Skursky, father of student Jennifer Skursky, said “The festival and weekend was very family orientated.” The festival had three blow-up playgrounds and kids playing in all of them. There were blue and white balloons that covered the area. In flavor of the festival, water-ice, soda and popcorn were given out as refreshments.

The dinner and ball both made out to be a night to remember. A huge outdoor tent was setup behind the mansion, filled with 20 tables. There was a dance-floor and colorful lighting around the tent. The dinner had an elegant atmosphere as the candlelight scene set the tone. The food was delicious, as roast beef and chicken marsala were served. All of the 190 people in attendance enjoyed the night. Some students were turned away because they forgot this dinner and ball was a dress-up event, and did not dress appropriately.

The bar made many people happy. In spite of the drinking, there were no alcohol-related problems. Skeptics were predicting some problems, but there were none. The bar ran so smoothly that it stayed open a half an hour longer than planned.

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Abigail Keefe

Abigail Keefe is a Cabrini College student studying communications, enjoying her time in Radnor, Pennsylvania. Abbie loves working for the school newspaper, the Loquitur, and is also passionate about everything that the communication field has to offer.

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