Baby please don’t go…

By Matt Holmes
October 11, 2001

Everyone has complaints about Cabrini, the greatest one being that it sucks. I think that I’ve figured out the problem with our school; nobody goes here.

I’m sure that everyone has noticed the mass exodus of people going home on Friday afternoon, and I agree that it’s important for people to see their families and friends and enjoy some time off-campus, but it seems that everybody leaves every weekend. I exaggerate, but anyone who’s been around campus on a Saturday or Sunday, anyone who isn’t from this area and can’t go home whenever they want, anyone who has been totally bored on this deserted campus will surely understand what I mean.

The problem is that it’s a cycle that makes being on campus on the weekends worse and worse. People naturally go home. It’s what people do when they go to college so near where they live, and that’s fine, but it leads to there being no one around. Then, since no one is around, people think, “Why stay here? No one’s ever here and there’s never anything to do.”

Then people are even less likely to stay on campus, and it gets to the point that the resident students are just commuters who sleep on campus four nights a week.

I don’t understand why people would spend so much money to go to college, and then never be around. I don’t understand why people complain when there’s nothing to do on the weekends; anything that’s ever planned hardly gets any attendance. Even the dances don’t really get anyone until an hour and a half before they’re over, and I’ve heard people say that they were going home, coming back for the dance and then going home again. It sucks here on weekends and that’s why no one stays around, but it sucks here on weekends because no one stays around.

I would ask the current freshmen to try to change this. If you do, you’ll start something that will eventually make this college not suck so much, at least in one aspect. I’m not saying to make yourself into a prisoner here. Go home. See your family. Visit friends at home, but don’t do it every single weekend. You live here now. Hang out on campus. Have friends over on Friday and Saturday night when they can stay later in the dorm and you don’t have to worry about waking up people who have an 8:15 the next morning. You’ll get less hassle than on a Thursday night. Hang out on campus and enjoy it, as opposed to during the week when you’re just running around to classes and work and whatever else. The more people that are around on the weekends, the more stuff there will be to do. Make your college into what you want it to be.

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Matt Holmes

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