Away from home for the holidays: How out-of-state students celebrate holidays away from their families

By Kelly Bush
December 9, 2016

When students get accepted into college there is a rush of happiness and freedom that comes along. This feeling hit many Cabrini students who live far away from campus.

But what about the lonely, cold, hungry nights and fun holidays they miss? Those thoughts never come until the exact moment the holidays come.

Thanksgiving had students planning to see their family or even planning to go on vacation. While this happened, other students were worrying if they will even get to taste their moms famous pie.

Cabrini’s Thanksgiving break was only three days long, excluding the weekend. This short period is very hard for students to make it home and back.

“I haven’t been able to attend my family’s Thanksgiving celebration since senior year of High school,” Ellie Temonia, junior biology major, said.

Temonia is from Louisiana. She finds that plane tickets home can be very expensive, especially around the holidays.

Every out of state student does not have the same experience.

Emely Gutierrez, junior psychology major, is from Southern California and she went home this Thanksgiving.

“It’s just about what I can manage money wise for smaller trips but Thanksgiving I definitely go home,” Gutierrez said.

Students manage to make the most out of the times when they cannot be around family.

In the past years, Temonia explained that she and a few friends have had a “Friendsgiving” with her mom’s stuffing via mail.

Gutierrez, has gone on small trips with friends or has gone to friends’ houses who live closer.

Some students say it is hard to be without family but others think it definitely helps them grow.

“Times I didn’t make it home for the holidays weren’t as sad and somber as many may perceive,” Temonia said.

Students never forget the meaning of the holidays when they are alone but have to make the most out of it.

“It’s all about family during that time” Emely Gutierrez said.

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Kelly Bush

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