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Black authors to discover this Black History Month

There are no major spoilers, all the information provided is in the book’s synopsis. Black authors are aware of the exclusion of people of… Read More

Africans trying to flee the Ukraine unable to cross the border

Ukrainians are desperate to escape Ukraine. Yet, authorities at Ukraine’s border refused to let Africans, who are among the Ukrainians, cross the border into… Read More

Why embracing Black History Month requires looking ‘beyond the textbooks.’

Thomas Edison, the man who invented light bulbs, is well-known. But who is familiar with Lewis Howard Latimer?  Latimer was a gifted inventor and… Read More

Cabrini celebrates its historical connection to the Underground Railroad

Motioning to a small, wooden table that typically wouldn’t get much attention, Armani Parker spoke passionately about its significance. “This isn’t just a table;… Read More

Experiencing the Euphoria Effect

Teens and young adults have been raving about the new season of Euphoria.  Since the first season, fans have been captivated with Euphoria’s aesthetics,… Read More

Media representation of missing POC

Jelani Day was his name, but his family and friends referred to him as JJ. Many people don’t even know he exists… Why? The… Read More

BookTok inspired me to read it

If I could read all the books in the world I simply would. Books give me a feeling no other thing can. A feeling… Read More

Navigating through Cabrini

Are you new to campus? Are you a transfer student? Maybe you’re still a freshman in a sophomore body and have no idea what… Read More

5 platforms to find jobs and internships

Finding jobs and internships may be hard to find if you don’t know where to potentially start. It is the right step in setting… Read More

Mental health in athletes: how to balance?

Growing up he knew he had a passion for basketball and psychology. The two go hand in hand when certain questions start to pop… Read More

COVID-19 questions and how people feel about the vaccine

What exactly is coronavirus? Where did it come from? And how can we treat it? These are just some of the questions people globally… Read More

Black bird watcher in Central Park accused

Christian Cooper was enjoying the fresh Monday crisp air watching birds in Central Park when Amy Cooper brought her unleashed dog for a walk. … Read More

Say Her Name

She slept in her home peacefully and did not wake up the next day. Her name was Breonna Taylor, an African American woman. She… Read More

Why was the second presidential debate cancelled?

Out of the many things to happen in 2020 the presidential debate has been canceled for the first time in modern history. The second… Read More

Will Cabrini be extending its Wi-Fi anytime soon?

Students that were kicked off campus due to COVID-19 were in for a surprise when they realized Cabrini’s Wi-Fi is still not top tier.… Read More

Is the younger generation more open to traveling during this pandemic?

COVID-19 may have slowed down summer plans but certainly not for this younger generation.  The virus spread through China to Europe to the United… Read More