Will Cabrini be extending its Wi-Fi anytime soon?

By Toniann Gooden
October 13, 2020

Students that were kicked off campus due to COVID-19 were in for a surprise when they realized Cabrini’s Wi-Fi is still not top tier.

Students say the Wi-Fi is still horrible on campus. Many question if officials listen to students and have extended the Wi-Fi. When asked, officials of the ITR department did not respond to why Cabrini has not extended the Wi-Fi yet for students to use it out on the commons. However, for some it would really come into use this year due to many students and faculty members that are taking part in Zoom classes this year due to COVID-19.

A few professors are taking precautions to ensure their safety and their students’ safety by having classes outside. One professor had their classes outside in the common area, where the Wi-Fi has not been extended. Professors say it would really help them and their students, especially students that are taking all their classes online from their own abode.

“Living in Xavier Hall last year was the worst because the Wi-Fi was bad, especially living on the bottom floor. The Wi-Fi still has not improved,” Johnsey Hackney, a sophomore psychology major said. 

For many students this is the reality this semester.

An email was sent out on Aug. 14 that read “enhanced outdoor Wi-Fi will be installed in outdoor locations throughout campus prior to the start of the fall semester to allow for expanded locations for internet access.”

Cabrini Mansion near the Commons Photo by: Emily Rowan

 Many students living on campus and living off campus expected “enhanced outdoor Wi-Fi” when they started classes on Aug. 31 and now it is late Sept. with no progress.

 “We currently expect the outdoor Wi-Fi project to be completed and active by the end of the first week of October,” Eric Olson, vice president of Finance and Treasurer of Cabrini said. 

Students and Faculty members see this as good news for every student on Cabrini and faculty members. When officials made the promise of enhanced Wi-Fi a delay happened due to the global supply chain for technology due to COVID-19. Important equipment and access points were ordered in July, but they were diverted to a nearby hospital that needed the equipment more due to shortages and high demand caused by the pandemic.

Students are in luck.

“Cabrini functioning Wi-Fi was advanced with over 400 state-of-the-art access points and equipment last summer to cover all indoor areas.” Olson said. The indoor areas currently do not need any extenders; if need be Cabrini will provide additional access points to any underperforming areas indoors. The outdoor Wi-Fi project will be extending broad coverage into outdoor areas such as the commons, the front and side of Founder’s Hall and several outdoor seating areas outside the residence halls on campus.

Dixon Center photo by: unknown

Currently, there are no range extenders on campus due to the campus having excellent coverage indoors without the need for them. The new Wi-Fi coming the first week of October will depend on some range extenders. It will be combined with outdoor access points to provide strong signals into the larger open area such as the commons. Cabrini will soon be extending their Wi-Fi not only inside but outside. 

“We encourage all students, faculty and staff to report any issues or gaps noted with Wi-Fi coverage to ITRhelp@cabrini.edu.” Olson said.

Toniann Gooden

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