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Rangers no match for No. 19 Cavs

The Cavaliers worked as a whole and put a stop to Drew University’s 3-0 record by winning 14-7 on Saturday, March 20.

Phillies have high hopes for 2010 season

This year’s 2010 Phillies season looks promising yet has me worried. Our award-winning players have the potential to bring many things to the plate… Read More

Player Profile: Caitlin Donahue

After a rough field hockey season of injuries and losses, Caitlin Donahue has come out on top. With an overall record of 11-11 and a two-game loss in the conference, junior goalkeeper Donahue was titled the 2009 NCAA Statistical Champion for Save Percentage.

UPenn professor describes brain scans as art

The topic of debate during "The Religious Minds; The Art of Science, Religion and Healing" was whether or not brain scans could be interpreted as art. Dr. Andrew Newberg never thought so, until years after his experiments became showcased in a museum. Newberg, associate professor of the radiology and psychiatry department at the University of Pennsylvania, visited Cabrini's Holy Spirit Library on Thursday, Jan.

Parents ‘give voice’ to bulimia

Discouraged by society and her peers in college, Andrea Smeltzer developed an eating disorder. Although she told her family about her problem, she quietly suffered by writing in her journal and excessively exercising. Ten years ago, Andrea Smeltzer died when she was 19 years old.

Speaker shares personal experience of innocence on death row

There are more than 130 people freed from death row in the United States. Harold Wilson was on death row for a crime he didn't commit when he was the sixth person in Pennsylvania to be released from prison, nearly four years ago. Wilson's experience with the death penalty and the justice system was the fourth seminar of a four-part lecture series on the death penalty held on Wednesday, Nov.

Forum highlights faculty research

Four Cabrini professors have been conducting self-inspired research and on Thursday, Oct. 29 the annual faculty forum was held in the Grace Hall Boardroom, where each professor had the opportunity to show their findings. Each professor has been examining their choice of matter and has great plans to continue their research.

POMC shares opinion of death penalty

Five people stood behind a podium in Cabrini's Mansion on Wednesday, Oct. 21 and shared their stories. Each of their experiences was different, but each was the same. These five people were parents of murdered children. "Parents of Murdered Children" is an organization that helps families and friends of those who have died by violence.

Shaolin Studios empowers students

Looking through the glass windows, a passer-by can see the kicks, chops and sweat that fill the space of the Shaolin Studios. The studio is packed with students eager to learn a new skill and advance to their next belt level. Daniel Simmons, chief instructor of Shaolin Studios, has two different black belts.

Convergence class brings awareness to domestic violence

Every year students take the senior convergence multimedia class offered at Cabrini and each year they create something new and impactful. In the past, students choose to create their multimedia Web site on war, immigration and student activism. The class of 2010 has decided on a topic that may potentially benefit not only the general public, but more specifically, educators.

‘Water for Elephants’ remains true to award-winning novel

The much-anticipated film, “Water for Elephants,” was released on Friday, April 22, approximately five years after the No.1 New York Times best-seller by Sara… Read More

No. 8 Roanoke reigns over Cavaliers

The No. 17 Cabrini Cavaliers’ five-game win streak came to a halt against the No. 8 Roanoke Maroons on Sunday, April 10 with a… Read More

Student volunteers time to coach high school basketball

Most college students are challenged to balance schoolwork, out-of-school responsibilities and relationships. But Maryellen Anastasio, 21-year-old senior communication major, juggles a job, classes, a social life and a volunteer position coaching high school basketball at Radnor High School.

Phils ‘R2C2’ heads to Spring Training

It’s that time of the year again. Football is finally over with a Packers Super Bowl win and now begins one of America’s greatest sports – baseball. Starting on Monday, Feb. 14, the Philadelphia Phillies report to Spring Training in Clearwater, Fla.

Upperclassmen achieve personal bests in ‘senior swim meet’

Cabrini’s men’s and women’s swim teams faced two hurdles during their meet on Saturday, Jan. 29. Not only did they face Widener University, but… Read More

What eReaders mean for the future of the good old-fashioned book

I knew this was coming. I knew everything would change and I hate it. Why must eReaders brainwash the newest generation of readers? Is… Read More

‘Speak Now’ has gone viral

The latest edition to the Taylor Swift’s library of talent is the highly anticipated “Speak Now.” This latest installment, released on Oct. 25, contains… Read More

Season recap: Cavaliers cross country

With a group of only seven runners, Cabrini’s cross country team wasn’t able to place in most of the meets that they competed in. However, this hurdle didn’t stop them from beating their personal bests.

Player Profile: Caitlin Donahue

Colonial States Athletic Conference (CSAC) Player of the Year, CSAC First Team Honoree, CSAC Honorable Mention and Player of the Week are just some of the honors that senior goalkeeper Caitlin Donahue has been awarded.

Rooymans revamped: Residence Life answers calls from students, opens RAC

After being inactive since June, Residence Life decided to answer the demands of student’s by building a student center. On Monday, Oct. 25 the Rooymans Activity Center (RAC) was opened to Cabrini students and faculty.


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