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Get Out and Learn (G.O.A.L) Foundation encourages outdoor adventures

The Get Out and Learn Foundation (or G.O.A.L. Foundation) is a Philadelphia based non-profit that was created to introduce academically motivated inner city youth to outdoor adventures and nature while immersed in the wilderness.

Student doing something extraordinary: Profile on Kait Finegan

At age 3, she started impersonating Shirley Temple, and if anyone ever addressed her by her real name, she wouldn’t answer. Kait Finegan, a… Read More

I’m a Buddhist on a Catholic Campus

Buddhism focuses around the understanding that there is suffering in this world and this life, and that it is a result of how we live our lives by indulging in unwholesome things.

The Ugly Truth of Studying Abroad

For American students to be competitive in today’s globalized world, international experience is critically important,” Ann Stock, assistant secretary of State for educational and… Read More

Board of Trustees keeps tuition at same rate

It’s been a year since Cabrini College announced its 12.5 percent reduction in tuition and fees, and the college is now announcing this reduction will remain the current level of $29,000 through May 2014.

Other Election Day candidates: George Badey

You’ve probably never heard of George Badey until his decision to run for the 7th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.

Active Minds combats mental health stigma

Mental illness affects 1 in 4 college students. In fact, two-thirds of those college students in need do not seek help, including those who are thinking about suicide. They worry about what will happen if they get help, some believe it will not work, and others don’t think their situation is bad enough to warrant it.

Cyber Vibe

App – Yelp Looking for a burrito joint open now? An Irish pub nearby? A gas station you can drive to before your tank… Read More

Obama: Then and Now

Anyone who followed this year’s first Presidential debate would probably agree that President Obama lost the debate. Certainly, many supporters saw Mr. Obama’s debate… Read More

Campus Philly College Day

Two blocks along the Ben Franklin Parkway were shut down for Campus Philly’s annual College Day festival. Philadelphia-area college students got a warm welcome… Read More

Philly Fashion Week

Philly Fashion Week 2012 was held on Sept.18-22. Philadelphia still has ways to go before establishing itself as a fashion force.

Low funds? College discount…

As students settle back into the school routine, they should remember they carry a privileged status as consumers. College students across the country are… Read More


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